Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

Sitting here watching the devastating fires happening in Australia makes me realize how lucky I am.  Im in my lounge room with the TV on, lap top on my lap,  sun shining with a blue sky while others are on the beach or in boats shielding themselves from the smoke and flames.  I have friends in these areas and to say Im worried about them is an understatement.


This year 2019 has been a roller coaster for us at 3sistersabroad

Early January Muriel the eldest sister came over for a few days and along with her son Chris and his friend Christina we went down to the Great Ocean Road.  We saw the amazing 12 Apostles.  I am in awe of the rugged coast line each time I visit.


12 Apostles – Great Ocean Road

You can read about our trip here Great Ocean Road

My carer while working injured his left knee in a freak accident.  His left knee was shattered resulting in a major operation in February this year.  He was under the knife for hours while they took bits from his right left to help build his new knee.  Months of physio still happening.  Lucky he is back at work.



In March I went to Perth to attend my niece and nephew’s wedding.  What a wedding it was.  Quite a few days of fun, drinking eating and swimming.



Marni..isnt she beautiful



They say to look up….the 3 sisters at the wedding of the year!


In April, Muriel and I headed to Portugal and Spain for a holiday.  First a cruise on the Douro River with Scenic.  What an wonderful time and boy we were spoilt!  It was extremely cold weather.  We encounterd hail storms, snow – well on the mountains nearby and lots of rain.


Another quiz – another bottle of wine..This time Matese…

Then onto the rest of Portugal then Spain – yes I still have to write about it and I will, I promise.  We learnt how to do Flamenco – well the basics and it was fun.  Watched the professionals do Flamenco in Sevilla.

Here is my write up on why you should take a River Cruise with Scenic.  It was featured on the Scenic Facebook page as well.  River Cruise Why Not


Before I went away I suffered with severe blood noses and even when I got back.  Note none while away in Portugal and Spain.  Probably too cold.  I was booked in for a operation on my nose.  The ENT discovered a “lump”  this could have been part of my Tuberous Sclerosis.

Happy to note no bleeds since the operation.

Catching up with friends.


Vicki our friend from Toowoomba.



Had an ok year in darts although I did get another 180 so thats two in competition and one at home.  I really need to get more lol.


Kissing my 180 badge….Greg congratulating me 🙂



Lots of daily walks along our beach with our dogs Black Betty Boo  and Sally.


Sally enjoying the sand bank at our local beach



Betty having fun at the beach


Went to an 60th birthday and a 80th birthday!  Had our inaugural meeting for the View Club I belong to down on the Mornington Peninsula.  Went to a 25th  Birthday for the View Club in Shepparton.

Paula the sister that got left behind has had two…two knee ops last year!  I better get training as she will be running by the time we go away in June/July 2020.

So as you can see its been a busy year.

2020 – the 3 of us will be heading to Europe late June spending 12 days traveling in a small group.  We will visit Budapest, Prague, Cesky Kromlov, Vienna, Krakow and then onto Copenhagen to board the Zuderdam to tour the Baltics.  Looking forward to it.


So here’s to a healthy and wonderful year to our readers and hope the year takes good care of you all.



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