The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

 So many memories are popping up on my facebook of 4 years when my sisters Paula and Muriel and myself travelled to Zurich via Singapore to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Our 12 hour flight from Singapore was full of chatting, eating, drinking and napping.  This trip all started the year before when … Continue reading The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

On the 28th February  every year marks Rare Disease Day.  This year its on the 29th February - Leap Year.  I have two - Tuberous Sclerosis and Lymphangiomiomatosis.   When I was young around 6 I had some suspicious lumps removed from my face.  I remember having them and then not having them.  I know … Continue reading Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

Adeus Portugal Hola Spain

It had been a wonderful couple of weeks sailing down the Douro River with Scenic then a few days exploring Portugal.  Today we would be having breakfast in Portugal and lunch and Dinner in Spain.  We fell in love with Portugal so with heavy hearts we say Adeus Portugal.  You have been very kind to … Continue reading Adeus Portugal Hola Spain

Herdade do Esporao – Winery

    Today we were off to Herdade do Esporao a beautiful winery  in the Alentejo.  It was going to be an amazing day of learning, laughing, eating and drinking. A little bit of history - The winery was first established back in 1267.  We were told that no wine was produced until the 1990's.  They … Continue reading Herdade do Esporao – Winery

Capela Dos Ossos – Chapel of Bones Evora Portugal

Remember we were going to have an early cuppa on our deck?  Waking up to pouring rain put that on hold. We wandered down to the restaurant for an early breakfast.  I asked if there was anything gluten free.  I couldn't believe my eyes what they brought to my table.  Yummy gluten free croissant, Pasteis … Continue reading Capela Dos Ossos – Chapel of Bones Evora Portugal

Evora Portugal

Our hotel in Evora the M'ar de Ar Aqueduto overlooked the Agua de Prata Aqueduct, a luxury hotel in a converted 16th Century Chapel. The Aqua de Prata built back in the 16th century  provided clean drinking water to Evora by connecting the city to the nearest constant flowing river, 9km to the north. The … Continue reading Evora Portugal

Lisbon to Evora via Setubal

We left Lisbon around 9am and would be heading to Evora Portugal where we would stay 2 days. Most of us dozed as the coach motored along.  After an hour or so we pulled up for our first break at Azulejos de Anita.  We were going to learn more about how the  tiles are made … Continue reading Lisbon to Evora via Setubal

Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

Sitting here watching the devastating fires happening in Australia makes me realize how lucky I am.  Im in my lounge room with the TV on, lap top on my lap,  sun shining with a blue sky while others are on the beach or in boats shielding themselves from the smoke and flames.  I have friends … Continue reading Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020