Where have we been?

This year has certainly thrown everyone huge curve balls. We 3 sisters were supposed to have travelled to Europe this year. Prague, Budapest, Cesky Kromlov....sigh then a cruise on the Baltic. Here in Australia travel was banned, we couldn't even go to another state. In Victoria we had one of the longest lockdowns. Virtually from … Continue reading Where have we been?

Stunning Toledo Spain

Arriving into Toledo we were taken around the most scenic views I have seen, winding around  tight roads eventually  pulling in to a parking area where we literally jumped  off the coach to take in the views. The ancient city of Toledo stands on a hill above the Castilla-La-Mancha plains of central Spain. There is … Continue reading Stunning Toledo Spain

Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

Sitting here watching the devastating fires happening in Australia makes me realize how lucky I am.  Im in my lounge room with the TV on, lap top on my lap,  sun shining with a blue sky while others are on the beach or in boats shielding themselves from the smoke and flames.  I have friends … Continue reading Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

A day in Salamanca – Spain

  On the Tuesday of Day 6 of our cruise we were all going to Salamanca. This city is the capital of Salamanca province and is part of the Castile and León region. It is classed as an UNESCO World Heritage sight. It began very humbly during the Iron Age, and, over the years, included … Continue reading A day in Salamanca – Spain

First Day in Porto for the sisters

3 flights and many hours later  we arrived safely in Porto.  Our flights from Australia were ok.  I think I actually slept a bit.  Which is not the normal for me. I flew from Melbourne to Singapore and Muriel from Perth to Singapore.  We then flew from Singapore to Frankfurt.  We had a couple of … Continue reading First Day in Porto for the sisters

Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

    In less than 2 weeks Muriel and I will be heading to Europe.  To be more specific Portugal and Spain.  Paula will be home recuperating from a knee replacement. As most of our readers know that I have many chronic illness'.  So  travel takes a bit more effort and forward planning.  I just … Continue reading Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

Somme Battlefields – Part 2

Our day wasn't over.  We would visit several more museums and cemeteries.  The magnitude of what these young men went through is overwhelming. Every corner or town square as we drove to our next stop, would be either a small cemetery or memorial to those who fought and lost their lives in this war.    … Continue reading Somme Battlefields – Part 2

Rouen – A step back in time.

Rouen is the capital of Normandy.  So many famous people had also been to Rouen, Joan of Arc, Gustave Flaubert, Pierre Corneille, William the Conqueror, Claude Monet…of course  those most famous - Muriel and Bree from 3 sistersabroad. (tongue in cheek) We had the whole afternoon and evening to explore Rouen after our trip to … Continue reading Rouen – A step back in time.


Sheryl from https://www.achronicvoice.com is hosting an Invisible Link Up.  When Sheryl tagged me in this I was like yes please I will do that.  A great way to learn what it is like for others living around the world with a chronic illness.  I have several chronic illness along with a couple of rare diseases.  I have learnt … Continue reading Invisible in Melbourne. WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE HERE WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS?