Day Trip to Yackandandah Victoria Australia

Yesterday we went for a drive to Yackandandah. A very beautiful town in the North West of Victoria, Australia. The town is situated between Wodonga and Beechworth. The whole commercial part of the town has been classified by the National Trust and features many well preserved buildings which date back to the mid to late … Continue reading Day Trip to Yackandandah Victoria Australia

Tribute to the ANZACS

Today the 25th April is ANZAC DAY - A day of remembrance and honoring those brave young men who went and fought for our freedom in WW1, WW2, Vietnam War and the Korean War and many others since then. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps The Ode They went with songs to … Continue reading Tribute to the ANZACS

The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

 So many memories are popping up on my facebook of 4 years when my sisters Paula and Muriel and myself travelled to Zurich via Singapore to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Our 12 hour flight from Singapore was full of chatting, eating, drinking and napping.  This trip all started the year before when … Continue reading The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

On the 28th February  every year marks Rare Disease Day.  This year its on the 29th February - Leap Year.  I have two - Tuberous Sclerosis and Lymphangiomiomatosis.   When I was young around 6 I had some suspicious lumps removed from my face.  I remember having them and then not having them.  I know … Continue reading Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

Sitting here watching the devastating fires happening in Australia makes me realize how lucky I am.  Im in my lounge room with the TV on, lap top on my lap,  sun shining with a blue sky while others are on the beach or in boats shielding themselves from the smoke and flames.  I have friends … Continue reading Goodby 2019 and Hello 2020

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards

      In the last few  months our blog has been nominated for not one but 3 awards.  Actually one of these The Sunshine Blog Award was from last year.  I mean how bad is that.  The blog gets nominated and I do nothing! The First Sunshine Blog Award was from thegotogirlsblog last year.  The Second … Continue reading – Leibster and Sunshine Awards