Lisbon to Evora via Setubal

We left Lisbon around 9am and would be heading to Evora Portugal where we would stay 2 days. Most of us dozed as the coach motored along.  After an hour or so we pulled up for our first break at Azulejos de Anita.  We were going to learn more about how the  tiles are made and then a spot of  tile painting.    I chose one of the tracing papers .and Muriel did free hand and did a great job at it.  My tracing was ok but my painting certainly had a lot to be desired. All of us worked away for a few minutes laughing at our feeble attempt to do justice to the tile. Once we had finished painting we all wandered around the shop.  A few of the group purchased some tiles to take home.  Our painted tiles would be baked at the factory and then they would deliver them to us in Madrid.


How tiles are made.  All hand made.

“Azulejos de Azeitão uses the European traditional methods of tile making, and reproduces antique designs from, not only European countries, but Islamic and Chinese. We make flat hand painted tiles as well as relief tiles with different color glazes, in the style of Hispano-Moorish tiles of the 16th century.”

Here is the link to their website if you would like to visit or purchase some tiles – Azulejos de Azeitao


Painting our tiles

As you can see in the photo the colors are numbered in the cups and the tiles to the left show each one as it would look once it has been baked in the ovens.


My tile…not that good



Muriels tile…pretty good



Some of the tiles you can purchase.

Next stop would be Setubail for lunch. Our drive into Setubail was stunning.  Our coach wound its way around the spectacular coastline even managed to stop for a quick photo opportunity.  There were lots of paraglider’s unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the bus to get great shots.  Its 15 km’s of stunning beauty and there are quite a few places to stop and I would encourage it.  Take in the beauty of it all.  There are tiny white chapels everywhere and you also pass the 16th-century Arrábida Convent.  You know you have reached the bottom when you  pass one of the most ugly concrete works.





The view as we drove into Setubal.


Our coach dropped us right by the Art Deco market hall, which opened in 1930.  The Mercado do Livarmento has appeared on lists of the best fish markets in the world.  It was noisy and so much fish.  Setubal being a fishing port you will see so many different types of fish. You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese and cured ham.  Just after lunch the market closes so do go in the early morning.  The walls of the market have the distinctive blue and white tiles.


Mercado do Livarmento – The Art Deco Market



Anyone for Fish?



Look at the beautiful colors of the Tomatoes and Capsicums

Once we had walked through the market we then went into the supermarket next door.  I was amazed at the amount of speciality foods especially gluten free.  I found a Schar Chocolate Biscuit that would go with a nice cup of tea. Even in the freezer’s there were oodles of gluten free goods including Pastel de Nata.


so much to choose from


Setubal has two busy lanes of traffic with a pedestrian walkway in the middle with lawns and gardens and loads of cafes.


The beautiful walkways in Setubal


We found a cafe and ordered some tea.  Muriel also had a Pastel de Nata – not a gluten free one (Muriel is very lucky and can eat whatever she likes ) and I had my Schar biscuit.

Once we had finished our cuppa we wandered to the main square.  This was where most our tour group had headed to have lunch.   Many cafes and restaurants are in the square. A few had also walked down to the promenade and wharf where all the fishing boats are.  Many restaurants in Setubal pay homage to their livelihood which is Fish.


The Main Square of Setubal


What a beautiful place Setubal is and such a shame we were only there for a couple of hours.  At 2.30 we all met outside the market to board our coach to take us onto Evora where we would stay for 2 nights.


As we left Setubal I managed to get this picture of the dolphins.  You can do tours to see the dolphins in the bay.  If I was there longer that would have been on my list.  There is a pod of 30 dolphins in the bay.


Statue of the dolphins in Setubal


Our coach pulled up in Evora around 4pm.  As the streets of Evora are small cobblestone’s our coach dropped us nearby.  We were on the edge of the old town.  Muriel and I were loving our room.  Ground floor with a lovely deck, our first thought was lets sit out on the deck in the morning with our cuppa.


Isn’t our deck lovely, the pool is just over the hedge to the left

There wasn’t a tour of Evora however our guide offered to do an impromptu tour and to meet her in the lobby of our hotel at 5.

Our impromptu tour will be in our next post along with our amazing place we found for dinner.


Of course more photos will eventually appear on our Instagram Page 3sistersabroad




12 thoughts on “Lisbon to Evora via Setubal

  1. I loved the tiles and the art deco market – it was pretty to look at and I imagine it would have been filled with lots of interesting items to browse through. Your trip was definitely a grand adventure.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

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  2. Tile painting, that’s a nice twist on pottery painting. I love when you can take in so much of the scenery when you’re on a coach trip, but it does get disappointing when goodness is happening… on the opposite side to where you’re sitting! You’ve still got some great photos, though my stomach churned at the one with the fish 😂
    The deck looks lovely, quite charming and peaceful to enjoy your cuppa!
    Caz xx

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