All moved in…finally

Sorry I have been a bit quiet on your posts and posting here.  My internet is just whats on my phone.  I went to the library yesterday and have 3 months that I can use the wifi there until we get access at home.

Its been a busy couple of weeks, packing cleaning the furniture being moved into the new home.  It’s a wee bit smaller than the house we have moved from so there is still boxes everywhere.

I’m trying to get it all sorted before I fly out to Perth then France.  I think I have high high hopes in that area.

Its been a long day today.  We drove from Rosebud – isn’t that a wonderful sounding name where we live!  Rosebud to Shepparton, which is roughly 3 -3.5 hours one way.  Then jumped out of one car into another and drove to Wodonga to see my lovely doctor.  My last visit she had filled in my forms for travel but had left a couple of things off so that had to be fixed.  Also missed a prescription.  Shepparton to Wodonga is about 2 hours, but today there were kamikaze truck drivers.  We were behind one for over an hour, he was all over the road.

So quite a few hours sitting in a car.  Plus it was raining all the way.

Enough moaning.  Will post some pictures of Rosebud soon.  We have Port Phillip Bay on one side and the ocean on the other.  We live on a peninsular.   There is a huge dog park less than 5 minutes walk, which is wonderful for the dogs.  It’s an off lead park.  Plus they are allowed on the beaches in winter anytime.  In peak time it’s after 7pm and before 9am.  As we have daylight savings in summer, its light until 9-10pm.  The towns along the bay are a mecca for people on holiday during school holidays and the summer.  This time of the year being winter its a bit quiet.

Anyway, thats it for now.  Hope to do a couple of posts of Whats in the bag and whats in the back pack before I take off.  The picture below is at the bay near where I live now.  This is my two dogs Gene – red collar and Beth – blue collar.  They are both now in doggie heaven.  As you can see its so peacefull.  IMG_5708

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