Tribute to the ANZACS

Today the 25th April is ANZAC DAY - A day of remembrance and honoring those brave young men who went and fought for our freedom in WW1, WW2, Vietnam War and the Korean War and many others since then. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps The Ode They went with songs to … Continue reading Tribute to the ANZACS

The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

 So many memories are popping up on my facebook of 4 years when my sisters Paula and Muriel and myself travelled to Zurich via Singapore to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Our 12 hour flight from Singapore was full of chatting, eating, drinking and napping.  This trip all started the year before when … Continue reading The beginning of 3 Sisters Abroad – 4 year Anniversary of blogging!

Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

On the 28th February  every year marks Rare Disease Day.  This year its on the 29th February - Leap Year.  I have two - Tuberous Sclerosis and Lymphangiomiomatosis.   When I was young around 6 I had some suspicious lumps removed from my face.  I remember having them and then not having them.  I know … Continue reading Its Rare Disease Day 29th February

Montmartre – Artists Village

Montmarte...I fell in love with this bohemian village on our first trip to Paris. A place where poets, artists and writers lived as it was a cheap place to live.  I could imagine sitting in one of the many cafes in a past life writing about the people I saw each day.  Joining me would … Continue reading Montmartre – Artists Village

Les Andelys – Water into Wine?

Legend has it, that the workers who were digging the foundations for the Abbey  Of Sainte Clotilde complained they had nothing to drink.  The Queen prayed for water to be turned into wine, the Fountain of Sainte Clotilde flowed with wine.   Apparently, this "miracle" has never happened again.  I can understand that as I … Continue reading Les Andelys – Water into Wine?

Chateau Gaillard – Richard the Lionhearts Castle

Richard the Lionheart - King of England and Duke of Normandy  built Chateau Gaillard in two years!  From 1196 - 1198.  Two Years! It was built to protect both the Seine River and Rouen from the powerful King of France Philippe Auguste.  These two had set out on a crusade to the Holy Land earlier but … Continue reading Chateau Gaillard – Richard the Lionhearts Castle

Somme Battlefields – Part 2

Our day wasn't over.  We would visit several more museums and cemeteries.  The magnitude of what these young men went through is overwhelming. Every corner or town square as we drove to our next stop, would be either a small cemetery or memorial to those who fought and lost their lives in this war.    … Continue reading Somme Battlefields – Part 2

Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame

If you have yet to visit  Rouen in Normandy France perhaps this might entice you to put Rouen on your list.   I still say "pinch me" that we happened to be in Rouen to see it. Every summer between June and September a free Cathedral Light Show takes place in Rouen with dazzling illuminations … Continue reading Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame