5 weeks to go for the trip to France!



Yes only 5 weeks to go before we fly to France!  Received our itinerary and baggage tags and our name badges!  Flight details and tickets.   It’s all real.

Getting so excited!

This week has been a busy week, with the removalists coming very early on Wednesday morning.  Of course it had to rain that day.  Then cleaning the house and the garden.  Does not seem to matter how clean you are when all the furniture is gone the house looks a mess.  My rheumatoid arthritis was certainly loving the cleaning.  My right hand was in pain and was swollen and all curled up.  It’s still very sore, hoping the two carb soda baths I have had yesterday and today will help relieve it.  Even typing hurts.  I shouldn’t complain, Paula the middle sister her rheumatoid arthritis is really bad and the new medication will take at least 4 weeks to even begin to help.

Our furniture arrived at the house yesterday.  I drive down tomorrow and I will take my time.  It’s roughly a 3 hour drive but if I take 1 -2 hours more I don’t mind.

I will be glad to be down by the beach.  The fresh air, the huge dog park, walks along the beach.  Back to really good eating.

And a trip to France!  woo hoo


Bree the youngest of the 3 sisters.



16 thoughts on “5 weeks to go for the trip to France!

  1. Hey Bree. I hope you have an amazing vacation and that you can manage your pain. Same for your dear sister. If you feel like coming to Portugal for a cup of coffee I would be glad 😁

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