When your phone needs to go to hospital!

Yesterday the unthinkable happened . My new i phone “died”.  We tried vainly to inject some life into her.  The staff member at the shop spent at least 45 minutes on her trying to get life into her weak body.  Was not to be, so she has been sent via I phone ambulance to the I phone hospital.  We will be reunited in about 7-10 days.

They have given me an android phone.  So basic  yet so hard to use.  I am relying on the generosity of the library service here in Victoria to be able to connect to the outside world.

Internet at home will not be available until September.  So that to a blogger and a social media lover is like being sent to your room with no phone, no tv, nothing!!

So if I dont respond to you please know I am not ignoring you.  I am on the i cloud with no cloud.


So I have put my favourite picture of Paris up for you all to check out.


Eiffel Tower


11 thoughts on “When your phone needs to go to hospital!

  1. Much sympathy on your ePhone outage!! How awful; when I didn’t have service for ONE DAY I was so adrift, felt isolated. Hope it goes fast for you!!

    Beautiful Eiffel. My daughter and her hubby just got back from Paris – one week vacation and one week work, saw a couple hundred of her pics on their computer. Wow, eh?!

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    • def wow!! how lovely for your daughter and her hubby xx…..even working in Paris would be lovely xx thank you for your sympathy ….yes its funny how we don’t realize how attached we are until we no longer have it. addicted yes I am…i admit it 🙂

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