My favorite makeup – made without animal testing

As a loyal fan of Ere Perez you will of course be aware that we are a cruelty-free company. Finally, the cosmetics industry are seeing the importance of having cruelty-free products! 2018 will be the start for all non-cruelty products to be banned in Australia. Check out this article in biscuit magazine (issue 27) showcasing […] … Continue reading My favorite makeup – made without animal testing

I’m staying here. — Street photography Tom Plevnik

Every time Tom Plevnik posts on WordPress I get excited and I want to share with you his photos of the city that has stolen my heart. It’s not the romantic fling. Paris is Paris. It’s that I’m not in love with you. – Midnight in Paris Movie Quotes via I’m staying here. — Street photography … Continue reading I’m staying here. — Street photography Tom Plevnik

Versatile Blogger Award

  The wonderful Isabella from Wanderlusting Isabella has nominated our blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Isabella is from Brazil but is currently living in Toronto Canada.  Isabella normally writes in Portuguese but is writing this blog in English. With a blog name of Wanderlusting you would think it's about Travel? Well your right there.  I thank … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

Brain fog

Living with Chronic Fog! Guest Post from 3sistersabroad. Bree from 3sistersabroad gives a fantastic guest post about her experiences with ‘chronic fog.’ A feeling most of us spoonies understand. Be that, Fibro Fog, Thyroid Fog, or just general chronic illness fog. Bree blogs about her amazing travel experiences with her sisters, and also their experiences […] … Continue reading Brain fog

Travel Tag

My wonderful blogger friend Bea over at recently did this amazing Travel Tag.  Please go and check her blog out.  When I saw the  Travel Tag post I was like " yes I must do this one" WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE THAT YOU HAVE VISITED? So many places over the years.  The Grand Canyon,  The … Continue reading Travel Tag