We arrived  in Paris around 5ish.  Our cruise director was there waiting to hand out our room keys. Paula and I got rooms on the 3rd floor, Muriel on the 6th floor.  Some had been upgraded and Muriel was one of them.  Our room was amazing, but Muriel’s was outstanding. Muriel had a balcony, in the room there was a huge bed….bigger than a king!  The bathroom had a shower and a bath.  Our bathroom had a shower over the bath.  Luckily it had a hand rail so our poor old body’s could get into the bath. Our room had two Queen beds, a huge TV, but really weird only 1 bedside lamp between the two of us.

Our cruise director would also be in Paris with us till the Monday when he would go home for a few weeks rest.  He had given us a few tips on surviving in Paris and one of them was regarding the fridge in our room.  In Australia you can empty the fridge to put your own wine and food in them.  In Paris and probably Europe, as soon as you touch something in the thing in the fridge you are charged, even if you only touched it.  He advised to call the front desk and have them remove all the items, so as soon as we got in our room we called the front desk to have this done.  Paula and I were going to purchase some wine to have in our room.  They told us the person who can do this had finished for the day and would have to come up the next day.  This was the start of some not very good service. This Hotel was rated as 5 star.  By the end of the stay I would give them a 3 star. It took several calls the next day to finally get the fridge emptied.

The 3 Sisters and Richard met in the foyer of the hotel to head off to have some dinner and a walk on our first evening in Paris.  Our wonderful cruise director had given us two simple directions, he said to either turn right and right from the hotel or left and left.  Both would take us to Avenue des Champs Élysée , one of the most recognized  streets in Paris.

So of course we went right and right. Our brain is wired to go right not left.  Others from the tour were coming back as we were leaving and they said they had gone left and there was nothing up that way, so silly us listened to them. We were to learn on our last day that LEFT was the way to go.  More about that in upcoming posts.

4 thoughts on “Paris

  1. We also had the problem of not being able to get into our room when we first went up.
    And all we wanted was to get in and have a shower. I think we were too spoilt on the boat
    (I mean ship)
    I remember the lovely american couple who chatted in the bistro. They were so stylish.
    What a great place to get lost in.

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