Mainz Germany

When writing up a blog once your home you can forget things.  Well Mainz I forgot.  Sorry to any people from Mainz reading this blog.  I was going through my photos and I was like where was that picture taken.  Oops Mainz.  To be fair, I had consumed a tad too much wine over dinner.  (my photos are a testament to that lol)

The Lonely Planet Quotes “Strategically situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Main Rivers, Mainz has a sizable university, pretty pedestrian precincts and a savoir vivre dating from Napoleon’s occupation (1797–1814). Strolling along the Rhine and sampling local wines in a half-timbered Altstadt tavern are as much a part of any Mainz visit as viewing the fabulous Dom, Chagall’s ethereal windows in St-Stephan-Kirchner, or the first printed Bible in the bibliophile paradise of the Gutenberg Museum. The city has been the capital of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1946.”

There had been a fair on the weekend we were there.  The stall holders were packing up as we wandered around.  After all it was after 9pm on a Sunday night.

Lots of food stalls and games just like we have back home.  However, the food featured German delights!



Paula purchased some nuts, she couldn’t resist!  The smell was intoxicating, neither could Muriel or myself.  Even though we were full from dinner.

I had drunk too many glasses of wine over dinner so my pictures were a bit blurry lol.

Deck Chairs

Deck Chairs

Deck chairs were lined up on the sand overlooking the Rhine.  How nice that would be to sit there with a glass of wine in one hand contemplating life!

The next morning we went off on a coach to see Heidelberg Castle, others were able to do a walking tour of Mainz tasting the culinary delights of the region.

Sometimes it would be nice if you could split yourself up and one go to the Castle and the other go and eat the German food.  Oh wouldn’t that be great.


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