Europes Best Kept Secret – Ghent

    It was raining lightly when we arrived in Ghent where we were to have an hour boat cruise along the canals. The boat had a glass roof, and sliding glass windows, so no chance of getting wet.   Lunch would be served along with refreshments, champers, beer, soft drink or water.  The sparkling … Continue reading Europes Best Kept Secret – Ghent

Goodbye Cruise Hello Paris

Waking up on the Friday with mixed emotions.  We had been on this ship for 7 days, it was like home away from home.  The crew had looked after our every whim,  always with a  smile on their face.  Our housekeeper especially.  He lives in Malaysia, has a wife and 2 very young children, however, … Continue reading Goodbye Cruise Hello Paris

Bikes a great mode of transport

Making our way back to the Ship on the Thursday night in Amsterdam one of our friends had a close call with a bike.  Tanya stepped onto the RED path which is for bikes  and next minute our gallant cruise director grabbed her out of harms way.  Of course in the book/movie he will lift … Continue reading Bikes a great mode of transport

Coffee Shop or Koffee Shop?

Did you know the Dutch are the worlds biggest coffee drinkers! So whats the difference between a coffee shop and a Koffee shop? A Koffee shop (coffee shop) is where you can legally buy soft drugs - marijuana or hashish. Space cakes - cakes made with marijuana in them. Often take longer to kick in … Continue reading Coffee Shop or Koffee Shop?