Broken Shoes – dancing

Its amazing what an engineer can do.  Muriel broke her shoes dancing till the wee small hours of the morning.  She spoke to reception and they said they would get the engineer to see if he could fix them

He sure did fix them.  Fix them like new!

I have to confess. – The broken shoes is true and the engineer fixing them is true.

However it wasn’t Muriel who danced  till the wee small hours of the morning. It was Paula and I who danced and drank till the wee small hours.  Not sure how we managed to get up each and every day and head off on tours.  Must have been the holiday mode we were in.

Muriel would say goodnight to the stragglers in the lounge and  that she would give us 30 mins.  We two would laugh and say yeah 30 mins.  I don’t think once we actually went to bed for at least an hour or two after she had gone to bed.

4 thoughts on “Broken Shoes – dancing

  1. Its amazing how after several or more wines i thought i could dance.
    The broken shoe was so funny, but probably not for muriel.
    I am only now catching up on my lost sleep.

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