Coffee Shop or Koffee Shop?

Did you know the Dutch are the worlds biggest coffee drinkers!

So whats the difference between a coffee shop and a Koffee shop?

A Koffee shop (coffee shop) is where you can legally buy soft drugs – marijuana or hashish. Space cakes – cakes made with marijuana in them. Often take longer to kick in (up to an hour), but last much longer, with a more intense high. You can still buy coffee and tea and sandwiches and juice at a Koffee shop.They usually have a green a white sign so you can decide before you go in. However, you can still go in and just buy a coffee.

Coffeehouse = sells coffee, tea, sandwiches, juice but no drugs!

You can have legally have 5 gms on you without getting in trouble with the law!

A lot of people who have gone to Amsterdam have gone with the sole idea of sitting in one of the Koffee Shops and smoking some weed.

Visiting a coffee shop is legal, safe and fun!   Did the 3 Sisters go into one to find out?  No but I did some research on google and they said it was fun!

There is even a tour the  Cultural Ganja Walking Tour of Selected Coffee Shops is a great experience.




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