Its a Ship!


It’s a ship!

The come back was quick from the Captain to my  sister Paula, when she said to him”What a lovely boat!”  “Its a Ship not  a boat!” he said to her.

The look of indignation on his face.

Paula mumbled “sorry” and quickly took off so she could tell us.  I can see it so clearly that steely look on her face so she does not start laughing until she knows she is in the clear.

That one comment provided  the 3 of us with much laughter for the rest of the holiday, and even now I smile when i think of it.  Have you heard the saying “laughing so much you wet your pants” well I think that was nearly the case with this one!

So it got me into thinking, when is a ship a ship and not a boat?

Google came up with many answers but these two came up a lot.

A ship can carry a boat but a boat cannot carry a ship.

Whatever the Captain says it is, well that’s what it is!  Our Captain told Paula it is a ship not a boat, so then its a ship!








3 thoughts on “Its a Ship!

  1. I still laugh about this. And our dear captain was so serious. Tried not to make the mistake again but the whole scenario just got funnier.
    We laughed all the way on our boat (SHIP) trip

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