Bikes a great mode of transport

Making our way back to the Ship on the Thursday night in Amsterdam one of our friends had a close call with a bike.  Tanya stepped onto the RED path which is for bikes  and next minute our gallant cruise director grabbed her out of harms way.  Of course in the book/movie he will lift her into his strong muscle-bound arms and carry her to safety.  Tanya would have fainted in his strong arms and rested her head against his hard bare chest, his beating heart going into every inch of her body.  He would gently place her on her bed and give a kiss to her forehead.  She wakes up with his breath on her face.


Amsterdam – Bikes.  Our Ship in the background

Rescue a damsel in distress is in all the books, yes?

We were all warned before heading into town that bikes have right of way in the Netherlands and there is also the trams, the silent trams.  The paths for the bikes are painted red, you can not miss it.  So do not, walk on the red path.  When crossing over the red path, make sure its safe to do so.  Be quick and do not get in their way!  A common word heard on the streets with tourists is “bike”.

We watched the bike riders go past, some on electric bikes, pedal power was the most common.  There were kids and pets on the back of bikes.  The most amusing was to see the women in their office clothes and “heels” riding around town.

Personally I think this is a wonderful way of getting around such a beautiful city and a great way to stay fit.

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