Cologne – Koln


Cologne – Cathedral of St Peter

Cologne was our next town to visit.  Our ship left Bonn and made its way up the Rhine to Cologne.  We 3 sisters decided to go on the coach from Bonn to Cologne instead of the ship.  It only took 20 minutes on the coach.  We then could explore this wonderful place at our leisure. Our coach dropped us off right near the amazing Cologne Cathedral of St Peter.

It was still pouring with rain when we arrived in Cologne and as you can see in the picture those tiles are slippery!  Hazardous especially for someone with Meniere’s  Disease  like myself.  Proud to say I was fine!  You learn to walk a differently on the cobblestones. Even my osteopath said walking on these surfaces is good for the body.

The Cathedral was begun to be built-in 1248 and was completed in 1880.

During World War Two, Cologne was extensively damaged including the Cathedral. Repairs to the Cathedral finished in 1956.

The outside  of the  Cathedral is amazing, it’s so large, makes you feel so small.  Once inside you feel a calmness come over you and you wander around this spectacular piece of history in awe.  Its said that the bones of the 3 Wise Men are buried in the Cathedral!

Once outside we decided we would head slowly back to the ship. Of course I would have got us lost again but thank goodness the older sisters knew the way back to the ship.

We stumbled onto the Fragrance Museum, Eau DE Cologne. Did you know its been around for  over 300 years and was not only used for perfume but also had medicinal properties!

To find out more  on the history do check out Eue de Cologne on google.

We still had a bit of time before we had to be back on the ship so we found a cafe  and treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream. Luckily we asked if we could sit on the chairs to eat our ice cream as in a lot of cafes in Europe you pay more for the privilege

We got back to the ship to get ready for the Captains Farewell dinner.  Only 2 more nights left on the ship. How time goes so quickly.

Cologne another magical city.









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  1. Yay, my hometown 🙂 I go to Cologne roughly every week – and yet everytime I see the Cathedral I stop for a second because of it’s astonishing beauty. I’m glad you had a fab time and came to appreciate the Cathedral, we are very proud of this heritage.

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