Did anyone say drinks?

We 3 quickly changed into our glad rags to be welcomed on board by the Captain and his crew! As you walk into the lounge, the Captain Andreas, Hotel Manager Sandra and  ourCruise Director  shake your hands and welcome you on board. A glass of champagne is given to you and you clink and shake … Continue reading Did anyone say drinks?

Breisach – Alsace & Black Forest

When in Germany, do as the Germans do!  Beer, sausages and pretzels - After breakfast  we were all treated to a Fruchschoppen brunch (The word comes from the German word for early “Früh” and “Schoppen”, which is a ¼ Liter. “Schoppen” is the size of a small beer. )  I had a gluten free beer and … Continue reading Breisach – Alsace & Black Forest

Basel to Breisach 30/7/16

Roughly around 4.30 am our ship departed Basel on its way to Breisach.  The town is situated along the Rhine halfway between Colmar and Freiburg.  Its name is Celtic and means breakwater.  The Town of Breisach during the second world war was 85% destroyed by the Allies artillery as they crossed the Rhine. There were … Continue reading Basel to Breisach 30/7/16

Basel- Part 2….Cowboys and Boys with Toys

    Going down to my cabin on Friday evening before dinner, a gentleman was approaching me along the corridor.  I have no idea why but I reached for my guns and "shot" him....Funny enough he "shot "me back...We formed a great friendship and welcomed Richard to the 3 sisters.  We often would do this … Continue reading Basel- Part 2….Cowboys and Boys with Toys