Red Lipstick


Red Lipstick

Tonight is the Captains Farewell.  Our cruise is nearly over.  Tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam, then onto Paris, then home.

My sister Paula always wore gorgeous red lipstick, Channel Rouge Allure. Paula looked amazing. Me, I hardly wore makeup maybe a touch of powder or a bit of lippy but nothing bright. I was happy to put red highlights  in my hair and wear purples and red clothes and accessories.

As we were getting ready for the special night, Paula suggested I try her red lippy. I didn’t even know how to put it on properly but with a bit of help from Paula I looked ok!

Ready? I was apprehensive but both my sisters assured me I looked good.So we make our way to the farewell night.

We were handed  a glass of champagne and greeted by Our Captain, The Hotel Manager and Our Cruise Director. We clinked our glasses with each one.  The cruise director looked straight at me and said “Wow, your beautiful  Bree “.

Was it the red lipstick?

We had a ball at dinner laughing and having fun.Who cares if we were the loudest!

After dinner we made  our way to the lounge to have a few more drinks, dance and laugh some more.

I was just standing by the dance floor when our cruise director grabbed me and pulled me onto the dance floor. We danced, he twirled me. Rock and Roll. What a fabulous dancer.

It was like it was just me and him! Time stood  still.

The music stopped, he pulled me into his body and held me tight.  He kissed me in the usual European way,then kissed me full on the lips.

We sat down and had a few more drinks, the 3 sisters, Richard and our cruise director.

Red Lipstick? Romance?

What do you the reader think?

*This was back in August 2016 – a cruise on the Rhine with APT*



13 thoughts on “Red Lipstick

  1. Wow! I think it might have been more than the lipstick – it probably brought out your sexy-mama side and obviously you lived up to the vibe! Glad you had such a great night to remember……maybe I need to up my lipstick game? #MLSTL

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  2. H, Bree – I literally own three lipsticks and 1 of them is Channel Rouge Allure. I love that lipstick so much that a few years ago I purchased multiple packs of the same lipstick just in case.
    I definitely agree with ‘red lipstick and romance’!

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