Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Sumison Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in Wodonga. The gardens have so much for everyone. Two children's playgrounds, two enclosed dog parks, exercise equipment (free), plenty of covered bbq's, seats scattered around the walking paths and plenty of toilets around the park. One of the many free exercise equipment placed around the park … Continue reading Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Silo Art – Devenish in Victoria

The 3 painted Silos at Devenish Victoria. Silo art started in 2015 in a country town Northam in Western Australia. It has certainly grown since then with Silo Art trails all over the country. All around the country are huge Silo Bins used for storing grain. These are always right next to train lines. The … Continue reading Silo Art – Devenish in Victoria

Day Trip to Beechworth and Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls A few weeks ago, when we were not in lockdown, we visited Beechworth to catch up for lunch with friends. When we lived in Wodonga a few years ago Greg worked at the brewery in Beechworth. It was a frequent place we visited when he wasn't working. Im gluten free but to have … Continue reading Day Trip to Beechworth and Woolshed Falls

Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)

Mokoan Rest Stop is very familiar to me. Its a great place to stop and stretch the legs, toilet stop and walk the dogs. Its roughly 1 hour 15 mins or 120 km from Albury heading to Melbourne or Shepparton. These stops are Northbound and Southbound on the Hume Freeway. The Hume Freeway takes you … Continue reading Mokoan Rest Stop Art works (Victoria Australia)

Glenrowan, Victoria – The Last stand of The Kelly Gang

Last week I watched the movie Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger. It was filmed in 2003. One of several made. Of course being an Australian I think I like this one the best. Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones also played Ned Kelly but to me that was definitely a bad choice. Anyway it got … Continue reading Glenrowan, Victoria – The Last stand of The Kelly Gang

Nagambie Victoria – Australia

As there is no overseas travel out of Australia at the moment I thought I would share some wonderful places here in Australia. Perhaps once travel is allowed you may want to visit these spots. I have also neglected the blog lately due to moving, Christmas and New Year. Its been hectic. Life is now … Continue reading Nagambie Victoria – Australia

Point Nepean & Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria

As there is no travel at the moment I thought I might share a little bit of where I live.  I happen to live in what is known as one of the main holiday destinations in Victoria.  The Mornington Peninsula.  Its about an hour a way from Melbourne by car or you can catch the … Continue reading Point Nepean & Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Day Trip to Queenscliff

On the 27/2/20 a ¬†group of ladies from the Southern Peninsula VIEW Group took the ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff for the day. ¬†Our weather has been so crazy and only a few days earlier we had been experiencing normal February temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. The top temperature for today was only going to … Continue reading Day Trip to Queenscliff