Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Sumison Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in Wodonga. The gardens have so much for everyone. Two children’s playgrounds, two enclosed dog parks, exercise equipment (free), plenty of covered bbq’s, seats scattered around the walking paths and plenty of toilets around the park.

One of the many free exercise equipment placed around the park

Childrens playground

A walking path that takes you around the lake, 1.2km’s however there are other walks you can take away from the lake. Plenty of toilets as well. There is also a wetland area so the bird life can breed.

Dog Park

My dogs Sally (brown) and Betty enjoying the park

The lake has plenty of seating scattered around the park

On any day you will see families, couple’s, people with dogs (me) and as we walk around everyone is so friendly saying hi to each other. I have met some wonderful people just by walking around the park. Of course the dogs love it and often get lots of pats. When we lived in Wodonga in 2015 we used to visit the park every day with our previous dogs Gene and Beth – Gene named after Gene Simmons and Beth from a Kiss song lol. They used to swim in the lake while we sat under the big trees on the edge of the lake. There is also at the edge of the park a farm that has horses.

There is a big field where you can play footie, fly kites etc. Oh and there is also a community wood fired pizza oven that the Wodonga Council do all the cooking. So you bring your pizza basses, toppings etc and they cook it. How wonderful. Have we used it yet, no but Im sure we will one day!

Feel like flying a kite or kicking a ball.

The pizza oven

Every second Wednesday I catch up with a group of wonderful amazing people. We take our outdoor chairs and met up under the huge shade trees. The other week the trees had blossom and fruit and nuts so the white Cockatoo’s were enjoying them.

Another view of the lake with the White Cockatoo’s balancing on the branches

I came home with a couple of spiders (not poisonous ones lol) and a few leaves in my hair. Every day there is a coffee van where you can buy a coffee/tea, cold drink, cakes and snacks. We sit in the park enjoying the fresh air and stay for a couple of hours. We have a wide range of people from different areas, business owners, visitors to the region.

Swans, ducks, geese etc on the lake.

The lake has a wide variety of bird life. Swans, ducks, geese. I dont fish but often you will find a fisherman with a line in the water. We have seen Tortoise’s as well. One day on the weekend a group of people also meet and put there remote controlled boats etc on the water.

You can easily access the park from the freeway from Melbourne. You take the second exit to Wodonga, turn right at the lights then go under the bridge (Freeway) and turn right at the second and third exit. Plenty of parking all round the park and lake. Great place to stop on your way to Sydney or Canberra. Of course great to stop here on the way back home also.

8 thoughts on “Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

  1. What a lovely park. I am amazed that the play structures all have sunshades over them… for some reason we don’t do that in the states. The playgrounds get so hot and unbearable in the summer.

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