Day Trip to Queenscliff

On the 27/2/20 a  group of ladies from the Southern Peninsula VIEW Group took the ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff for the day.  Our weather has been so crazy and only a few days earlier we had been experiencing normal February temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius.

The top temperature for today was only going to get to 20 degrees.  Jackpot, like Goldilocks and the 3 bears it wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold it was just right!

We all met at the ferry terminal in Sorrento, which is only a 10 minute drive from my home.  It was a bit windy and right by the water it was cold.  Usually I wear a scarf that I can wrap around myself, drape over my head if it rains.  With a drawer full of various styles of scarfs I forgot one.  I decided I would buy one as a souvenir over in Queenscliff.

I actually purchased a scarf on the ferry.  Its so gorgeous and was only $16.00 a bargain.

The ferry is great as you can also take your car across and then make your way down to the Great Ocean Road.  The staff are so quick at getting all the cars on board and those of us who are just going over for a look at Queenscliff.  You can also take your furry friend however they are not allowed in the lounge.


The last time I went over on the ferry was back in January 2019 with my sister Muriel and her son and my nephew Chris and his girlfriend.  You can read about it here  Great Ocean Road   Back then it was hot with 40 degreee celsius temps.  Seals were sunning themselves of which I managed to get this photo.  Dolphins often are seen alongside the ferry.


I took this photo back in January 2019, a seal having fun near the ferry


Today Im sure the seals would have found themselves a rock or two and laid in the sun.



Once over in Queenscliff we walked to the Maritime Museum paid the $8 for entry.  So interesting with the amount of the shipwrecks along the coast.

Maritime Museum Queenscliffe




Our program officer Faye at the wheel with our amusing guide

We then walked into the main street of Queenscliff, you can catch a bus if walking is too much.  Its about a 10 minute walk depending on how fast or slow you walk.  The ten of us had lunch at Yard 58 a cafe/restaurant and a gorgeous plant nursery.  If your in the area I would definitely recommend to visit this eatery and perhaps purchase a plant or two.

The cafe’s Toilet even looked gorgeous


Such a beautiful setting for lunch

I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of my lunch!  You all know me and know that I always do!   I did take one of my coffee though.

My coffee!

I will have to go back for those photos of the delicious meal.

Before we left the restaurant it was decided we would catch the 3pm ferry back to Sorrento.  As it was a bulk purchase we all had to travel together.

Time for some serious retail therapy.  There are many boutique’s and shoe shops focusing on Australian designers.

After injecting some much needed $$ into the Queenscliff economy we headed back to the Ferry.  A couple of ladies caught the bus back and the rest of us made our way to the Ferry.  Lucky it was downhill as I think some of us were tired.  I know I was.

A view of the old Ferry Terminal at Queenscliffe

The trip back was a little bit rough but only for a short time as we passed the heads to the open water.

Mandy one of our program officer gives her account of the day.

“Our group of adventurers set forth to conquer Queenscliff.  Under the guidance of Program Officer Faye we set sail on the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff and had a calm crossing [dolphins were sighted close to the Portsea shoreline].

On landing we set forth to discover the hidden treasures of the Queenscliff Maritime Museum. A ‘crusty old seadog’ charmed us with his stories of early exploration, shipwrecks and the workings of many a boat on display. I observed that many of our crew went a wandering through the museums exhibitions that ranged from-early lighthouses to port pilot boats. If you have an interest in all things nautical this is the place to go.

After a brisk walk up to the Main St. we found a very out of the way Nursery come café and refuelled the engines. After lunch “retail therapy “ was the order of the day with some ladies returning to the ferry laden up with purchases. Again, I must say the day was a great opportunity to extend our friendships, fitness levels, nautical knowledge and appreciation of the history of our Victorian coastline.”


If your in Melbourne and wondering what to do come on down to the Mornington Peninsula and take a trip over on the ferry.


It was a wonderful day spent with a lovely bunch of women and one I would certainly put my hand to do again.


For those who don’t know what and who the VIEW Club is here is a link – VIEW Club


*** Im not affiliated with Searoad Ferries***


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20 thoughts on “Day Trip to Queenscliff

  1. The blue of that water in the first two pics!! I kept scrolling back to look at it because it was so beautiful! I never associate colours like that with Melbourne (grey skies and grey water seem more normal over there to me!) Thanks for sharing a really interesting spot with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM.

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    • Yes those first two pictures was from last January 2019 so I cheated. It was a grey skies and grey water the day we went the other week. Plus they were taken with my Olympus camera no filters just click and forget. Thank you so much for stopping by and your wonderful #mlstl

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