Day Trip to Beechworth and Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls

A few weeks ago, when we were not in lockdown, we visited Beechworth to catch up for lunch with friends. When we lived in Wodonga a few years ago Greg worked at the brewery in Beechworth. It was a frequent place we visited when he wasn’t working. Im gluten free but to have taste the Chocolate Porter oh heaven! Greg also used to work at the brewery in Woodend as well. That also had a delicious Chocolate Porter. Greg now brews at home and often puts in some raw Cocoa and coffee into his brews.

So many places to visit in Beechworth and this can not be done in a day. Beautiful honey from Beechorth Honey, Gin Distillery’s, Micro Beer Brewery’s, so many great places to eat.

This time our visit at Beechworth would be catching up with a wonderful group of people that we have met since moving to Albury. We now call these people good friends. We catch up each month in one of the many towns in the area in Victoria/New South Wales. Unfortunately our borders are again closed and those of us in the New South Wales are not allowed into Victoria without a permit. Who knew that in this day and age we now have to show papers of why we want to be in another state. Very hard when we are a border town. The mighty Murray River separates us here in Albury New South Wales and Wodonga Victoria. Those that live in “Twin towns” on any border know that it may be two separate towns but the only thing dividing them is the border line or river in our case. I go to Wodonga for my doctors and some shopping. I now have to have a border pass to cross over the river.

Not sure when we will get to visit some of the wonderful towns in the Northern Part of Victoria or around Albury where I now live.

So this time we arrived a bit early and decided we would visit Woolshed Falls. We have had a bumper winter lots of rain to the point our reservoirs are nearly full. So we knew the falls would be in full force and we were not disappointed.

Signage for the falls

Woolshed falls is about a ten minute drive from Beechworth and located in the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. The area was once part of the richest goldfields in Australia where up to 8,000 prospectors camped along the banks of Spring Creek, hoping their fortune would change.

At the falls there is a observation deck which provides views to the falls and the valley below. As it was cold and wet this is where we went to see the amazing falls. You can take a self guided walk around the alluvial gold workings. The rocks are very slippery and you do need to be careful, not the place to fall in

Woolshed Falls in its glory

Located in the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, Woolshed Falls are a popular destination for nature lovers and history buffs.

The area was once the centre of one of the richest goldfield’s in Australia, where up to 8,000 prospectors camped along the banks of Spring Creek, in search of their fortune.

The falls are a ten minute drive north from Beechworth, where you can view the cascading falls, enjoy a leisurely picnic or take a self-guided walk around the alluvial gold workings. An observation deck provides views to falls and the valley below, which is particularly spectacular after heavy rainfalls. Please be very careful on the rocks as they are slippery and kids should not be left unsupervised in this area. Suitable, sturdy footwear is advised.

We then drove into town and found the pub we were having lunch with the group of friends. We had a wine and a beer and as it was early we took the girls, Betty and Sally for a walk around the town.

One of the lovely areas at the Hotel Nicholas where we had lunch in Beechworth

Built in 1857, with another floor being added in 1935, it has been restored to reflect the periods of its construction. Originally named the Alliance and formally the Railway Hotel the Hotel Nicholas has been restored to reflect the periods of construction. In the main foyer of the Hotel it has many photos on the walls from all era’s. Must go back and take more photos. We ended up staying for lunch for about 3 hours laughing and chatting with our large group of new found friends.

We came across a Chinese Garden which in spring time will look amazing. It was a very cold and dreary day when we were there.

The Laughing Budda in the Chinese Gardens

On the other side of the Chinese Garden is Lake Sambell however we didnt get to visit it on this day. The lake was originally the site of the Rocky Mountain Mining Company, an open cut sluice operation during the mid 1800’s during the towns gold rush era. In the 1920’s the area was created into a recreational lake and reserve for the town of Beechworth. Just near the Chinise Garden is part of a hidden tunnel. Its not recommended to enter the tunnel and I just managed to take a photo of the sign due to the whole area being very muddy and it was starting to rain.

Chinese Gardens Beechworth

The beautiful creek that runs through Beechworth

Lake Sambell is a short stroll from the centre of Beechworth, and is a picturesque recreation reserve and a popular venue for water and boating activities.

It was originally the site of the Rocky Mountain Mining Company, an open cut sluice operation during the mid 1800s and the early 1900s, during the town’s gold rush era. In the 1920s the area was created into a recreational lake and reserve for the residents and visitors of Beechworth. Oh the mine was named after the company who built the mine and wasn’t built into a mountain or after the Rocky Mountains.

Recent extensive work has been undertaken to provide walking trails throughout the reserve along with an adventure playground for children at the Sandy Beach swimming area.

Of course no country town in The High Country of Victoria escapes Ned Kelly. He visited Beechworth regularly for social and court appearances.

Many years ago we visited the court house where Ned had been tried. The prison was also a regular haunt of the Kelly Family including his mum who spent a short time there before being sent to Melbourne gaol.. Ned Kelly the Bushranger won a bare knuckle boxing match in Beechworth, lasted 20 rounds! There is a sign noting the site of the Imperial Hotel where the fight took place. Ellen Kelly was sentenced to 3 years hard labour for the attempted murder of a policeman and spent some of that time in the Beechworth Gaol.

Ghost tours of the old Asylum in Beechworth, walking history tours either self tour or in a group. My bestie Lyn and I did the Ned Kelly walking tour a few years ago. Very interesting and certainly learnt a lot about the history of Beechworth.

The site of the Imperial Hotel where Ned Kelly fought Isaiah “Wild” Wright.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing when you do. Not sure what the next post will be on. Maybe a bit of history on the Lake Hume and Weir here in Albury.

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