Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs

I have been living down on the Mornington Peninsula for over 3 years yet I have never visited the Hot Springs. This year has been crazy so as our lockdown started to open up I decided I would go and see what I had been missing out on. I had seen many of my friends take advantage of the Hot Springs in the last 3 years and It was always on the list of things to do. At the moment the Hot Springs is only open to local people within 25 km. Lucky for me they are just over 6.4 km.

Last week I went in personally to book in. At the moment not all their packages are available. I could either do a 60 minute or 4 hours. Of course I thought I would do the 4 hours to really appreciate the whole place.

So this morning I woke up to a gentle rain, which was lovely after yesterday’s hot day. The thought of sitting in the hot sun in really hot water didn’t appeal so the rain and a cooler day suited me to a T.

Unfortunately at the moment the indoor showers are not allowed to be used but thats ok I dont live too far away.

My booking time was 1 pm. Before you are allowed to enter you stand in front of a machine that takes your temperature. If you have a temperature you have to re book. Lucky for me I was at 36.8. Masks must be worn at all times unless drinking water or eating. I had been told that I would be able to partake in a wellness course of which I would be advised of when I arrived.

My options for a wellness were fire and ice at 1.15pm or the clay play at 3.45pm. Glad I choose Clay as by the time I got my locker sorter it was past 1.15pm.

I was given a wrist band for my locker. Now this is where the fun started. I couldn’t get a locker to work and when I finally did. I walked out and realized I couldn’t remember the number. So I made my way to the reception and the staff member came down and eventually found which one it was. While she did that I went into the first pool. I was feeling a bit stressed. Once she found it I took a photo of the locker. Now phone dont run out of power lol. Can you see me trying every locker!

I was also provided a towel. Mind you by the time you have finished for the day the towel is dripping wet. So my thoughts are take a spare and leave in the locker till you need it. Lucky I did as the weather started getting quite cool and a cold wet towel isnt great.

As the Hot Springs is keeping numbers down and its only for people within the 25 k area it was lovely and quiet. Each pool has a limit of how many can be in at any time. Only once did I have to share with others. A lovely couple and we had a good chat about whats been going on this year.

So I decided I would hike up to the hilltop pool. My phone registered 11 floors of stairs so yes it is quite high up. However worth it! Glad I did as once I was down amongst the other pools I saw quite a few people making their way up. I had it all to myself!

The Hilltop pool, checkout the views

Each pool also has the temperature listed which most are between 37-40. At first it feels extremely hot but as the cold air swirled around my shoulders it was like being wrapped in a warm hug. The signs also show how many are allowed in the pool and some have limits on times such as the hilltop pool. The views are stunning and you can just see the back beaches.

I think I went in every pool except for the fire and ice. Maybe another day. I did see one guy do the ice, he just jumped in. His children were laughing at his antics.

I walked the reflexology walk twice.

The Reflexolgy walk

One of my favorites the Cave Pool. I went in this pool 3 times!

Around 3pm I decided I would go and get a coffee and a bite to eat. Flat white and a gluten free carrot cake hit the spot. It was nice to be able to take down the mask for a bit.

Gluten free carrot cake

I then made my way to where the clay therapy would be. I thought it was at 3.45 so around 3.30 I went to find where it was. There were already a couple of ladies with clay smothered allover their bodies. Bathers are left on for those thinking they were nude! It seems I was told the wrong time however the lovely staff member said it was fine and I could do it too.

So she put out all the clay onto a table, a pain brush was given and a bowl of water to help with the clay. I choose to use my hands. It felt good and each clay was for a different reason. Normally if your own your own the staff would help paint the clay on you but in these times thats not allowed.

Painting oneself with clay.

Once I had put as much clay as I could on my body – face, neck, arms and legs I then went to the outdoor shower. The staff worker had to turn the taps on for me but once under the water oh did it feel good. I could have stayed under the water for hours.

The clay is from all over Australia. You first start with the white clay its ingredients are sourced from Victoria and Queensland. This clay helps draws out impurity’s from the skin. Next is the Red Clay that is sourced from Western Australia. Its known for its healing properties and is also used in ceromonies still today.

Brown Clay has a detoxification combination and draws out impurities and boosts circulation. This is sourced from Queensland and Western Australia.

Olive Green Clay is a soothing and reduces the appearance of pores and leaves the skin nourished. Its sourced from Queensland.

The last was the black clay although once mixed with the water it becomes a dark blue. Its beneficial for relieving aching muscles and pain. It nourishes the skin and is great for age old skin. This is sourced from Queensland and Western Australia.

Before heading under the shower you rub the drying clay to exfoliate the skin.

Enjoying the shower to rinse off the clay!

Quick dry off then back to the Ampitheartre to immerse my body in its enchriching minerals. By this time it was nearly 4.30 and my time would end at 5.

Sitting back enjoying the view

So I slowly made my way back to the changing rooms and yes I found the locker and it opened! Ha ha I bet you were all thinking nope she isnt going to find it!

On the way out you can give a rating of your time there. For me everything was amazing and would love to go again. You hand in your wrist key and then its home sweet home.

All in all it had been a magical 4 hours and if you are ever down on the Mornington Peninsula I would definitely recommend visiting. I think next week they open up to all of Victoria and more of their services will be on board.

The healing waters at the Peninsula Hot Springs is geothermal mineral springs and comes from deep down below the earths surface. Every night the pools are emptied and cleaned and then in the morning the mineral water again fills the pools.

Cost $30 for 60 minutes or $25 Concession

Cost $85 for 4 hours or $75 Concession.

** Of course more photos will be on the Instagram page of 3sistersabroad**

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  1. Isn’t it funny how we often miss things right in our own back yard? What a fun day for you. I love the cave and the view! I could go for some black mud right now for my own aching muscles. Maybe someday I can come back to your beautiful country and do this!

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