Whats in a name?

Hey everyone hope your all well today. Here in Australia its “RU OK DAY?”

So I do hope your all ok xx

You might have noticed something different on the blog and Instagram today. 3 Sistersabroad has been going for 5 years. I first started this blog after our trip to Europe. Now due to the ongoing ban of travel overseas and even at home It felt strange to have a name of a blog when travel is prohibited out of Australia.

I thought long and hard and asked quite a few other travel bloggers what I should do. So I have changed it to Travel and Lifestyle with Bree. Couldn’t have what I initially wanted as that had already been used. I wanted Bree’s Travel and Lifestyle Blog. Never mind I am happy with the name change.

This means I can write about Travel mostly day trips from Albury once we can go further than the 5k as the crow flies and also cooking, my dabbling with essential oils and anything else I want to write about.

The book/novel 3 sisters abroad is coming along nicely with many twists and turns. That actually was the main reason for this blog. Get a novel out, it becomes a top seller and a movie is made out of it! We had so much fun on the first cruise laughing about who would play us when we are famous.

Unfortunately at this stage you will still see 3sistersabroad in the URL as that cant be changed yet. However I am working on it. I love my sisters a lot but I felt it was time to change. They are still apart of this and I will be writing up new blog posts on our previous travel exploits.

Have a great day everyone.

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