Dartmouth Dam Victoria

https://videopress.com/v/3cm1WflA?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true Dartmouth Dam at the overflow https://videopress.com/v/M4GgKUWc?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true Mitta Mitta River There was one place I had always wanted to visit but for whatever reason we had never managed to get there. This all changed a few months ago. Yes this post has been sitting waiting to be finished. The Dam had been overflowing now for … Continue reading Dartmouth Dam Victoria

Two Day Holiday in Corowa New South Wales

Our Caravan Back in May this year we decided to go and visit Corowa with the caravan and stay a couple of days. We wanted to check out the caravan park and see how far it was from the Golf Club . There are many caravan parks however only one is in walking distance to … Continue reading Two Day Holiday in Corowa New South Wales

Two Day Trip to Tallangatta Victoria

A few weeks ago Greg had the weekend off so we decided to hightail it out of Albury and go and stay at the Showgrounds in Tallangatta Victoria. Its only a 30 minute drive there nice and quick. A lot of country towns allow caravans to stay at their showgrounds for a nominal fee. It … Continue reading Two Day Trip to Tallangatta Victoria

Walla Walla – New South Wales

A few weeks ago we went away in our new/old caravan that we had recently purchased. A company here in Albury imports caravans from Europe. We had looked for ages for a caravan to suit our needs. Its fantastic has an ensuite, double bed and a lounge that turns into a king size bed. A … Continue reading Walla Walla – New South Wales

Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Sumison Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in Wodonga. The gardens have so much for everyone. Two children's playgrounds, two enclosed dog parks, exercise equipment (free), plenty of covered bbq's, seats scattered around the walking paths and plenty of toilets around the park. One of the many free exercise equipment placed around the park … Continue reading Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Albury New South Wales – my hometown

Hi everyone! So I thought I would do a few posts about the town I now live in. Albury, situated on the border of NSW and Victoria. The mighty Murray River flows majestically between the two towns of Albury and Wodonga. We have been living here since December 2020. A few years ago in December … Continue reading Albury New South Wales – my hometown

Silo Art – Devenish in Victoria

The 3 painted Silos at Devenish Victoria. Silo art started in 2015 in a country town Northam in Western Australia. It has certainly grown since then with Silo Art trails all over the country. All around the country are huge Silo Bins used for storing grain. These are always right next to train lines. The … Continue reading Silo Art – Devenish in Victoria

Spirit of Wymah Ferry – NSW to Victoria

Yesterday I charged my two batteries in my camera as we were going to go on a drive and I was promised the views would be spectacular. Greg got home from work just after 3pm and off we went us two and the two dogs. Had been driving for about 20 minutes when I shrieked … Continue reading Spirit of Wymah Ferry – NSW to Victoria

Day Trip to Beechworth and Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls A few weeks ago, when we were not in lockdown, we visited Beechworth to catch up for lunch with friends. When we lived in Wodonga a few years ago Greg worked at the brewery in Beechworth. It was a frequent place we visited when he wasn't working. Im gluten free but to have … Continue reading Day Trip to Beechworth and Woolshed Falls