Spirit of Wymah Ferry – NSW to Victoria

Yesterday I charged my two batteries in my camera as we were going to go on a drive and I was promised the views would be spectacular. Greg got home from work just after 3pm and off we went us two and the two dogs. Had been driving for about 20 minutes when I shrieked ” I left my camera at home!” Oh well will try and take pictures with my phone.

Greg had taken his clients on this drive several times and thought it would be nice for me to experience it as well.

Our first stop would be to cross the mighty Murray River on the Spirit of Wymah Ferry. It is a heritage listed cable ferry built in 1946. The ferry crossed the river at Wymah in New South Wales and Granya in Victoria and is a fun alternative which enables you to experience the Murray River. The ferry can take three cars however not camper vans or caravans. It is one of only two surviving ferries that cross the Murray River, the other being Speewa Ferry at Swan Hill.

It is free also, how wonderful is that. From September to April from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm and during May to August from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, except on the first Wednesday of every month when it is closed between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Ferry closure for meal breaks: 10–10:20 am, 12:40–1 pm, 6–6:30 pm.

If only I had my camera so I could zoom out for photos. Unfortunately you must stay in the car. Its a very smooth crossing and it does not take very long either.

Arriving at the Ferry on the New South Wales side the Ferry was over the Victorian side of the river. You press the buzzer to let the ferry man know you are there. After about 5 minutes he let us know he was on his way over. Once it docks which is also very quick a car and a trailer came off and then we were directed to board the ferry.

Once on board and in place, turn engine off pull up park brake and enjoy the ride! You must stay in the car and as I only had my phone please bare with me the terrible pictures lol. A very smooth ride to the other side and very quick.The Ferry man is very quick in getting the gates open and away we go.

Our next stop was at Talgarno to check out the original church now made into a home. Very beautiful indeed!

Then we had a choice of either driving to Bethanga on the sealed road or take the scenic route along a dirt track through the many farms around the lake and river. The views were spectacular and we drove through many farms. The cattle were roaming around the road, we had to stop a few times so the young steers wouldn’t charge the car. I got out of the car a couple of times to take some awesome photos.

Views over the farmland Mighty Murray and the Lake Hume

Yes I know the camera would have been able to zoom in better but never mind! You have views on both sides to the Murray River and Lake Hume. Spectacular indeed. The cows are extremely lucky. I wouldn’t mind living here. Paradise!

This cheeky young steer was thinking about charging the car. It was a stand off, he finally decided to just go over the other side lol

We drove further up the hill to where you could see the Hume Weir if you use a magnifying glass you might just spot it in the photo!

View over the to the Weir – so we are standing in Victoria and the other side of the Hume is NSW

Greg had met a farmer on one his drives up here and heard a story about some men who had decided to camp on the crown land around there. They had cut down several trees and lit a fire. Basically were causing grief to the land. The farmer called the cops, who said if its private land we do nothing! The farmer advised the police its actually crown land. Long story short, the young men were put on a behavior plan and part of it was to plant trees to replace the trees they had cut down. I think it was 20 trees for every tree they chopped down. As you drive around you can see the new trees on several farms. I hope they learnt a valuable lesson.

The area is full of rabbits so perhaps the farmers eat a lot of rabbit stews. Greg had said earlier in the day when he was there one paddock was full of them.

One of the many rabbits

We then drove to Bethanga to the sports ground for the dogs to have a good run. Unfortunately my dog Sally stresses in the car even when I use essential oils such as lavender to help her. As for Betty she just sleeps, although she did sit up when she saw the cattle. Very good girl she just looked at them, didnt bark phew!

Once they had a good run we continued on our drive around the lake/river to the Bellbridge Bridge which takes you from Victoria to New South Wales (or back lol) and then onto home.

It was a lovely drive although at times the writer – Bree stressed at the unknown of the drive. With daylight savings the whole drive was done in daylight.

The map – although It does not show our return journey – The red dot then follow the yellow line back to Lavington

** More photos and videos will be up on the Instagram account.**

5 thoughts on “Spirit of Wymah Ferry – NSW to Victoria

  1. The photos are gorgeous & if I’m honest I usually only use my phone to take photos on trips nowadays. But I do understand your frustration, I once took mine without the battery to go on a boat safari in Borneo! Fortunately my friend managed to properly capture all the gorgeous orangutans & wildlife we saw that day. So could be worse…! 😉


  2. Gorgeous landscape and nature pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your post at our Senior Salon Pit Stop linkup ending this Saturday, October 31.
    I pinned this on our Senior Salon Pit Stop InLinkz Linkup Shares board and also share it on Twitter @EsmeSalon with #SeniorSalonPitStop

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