Happy New Year – 2019

Wow…its 2019 in this part of the world.  A lot of you are still in 2018.  So this year brings a bit of travel for us.

A couple of days with my sister Muriel and her son Christopher and his girlfriend.  I have to be quiet where we are going as I don’t think Muriel  knows exactly what we are doing. A Christmas present to her from her children – a trip from Perth to Melbourne.

In March a trip to Perth for me to attend a joyous occasion, a wedding.  Catching up with family and friends.

In April two of the 3 sisters – unless we win lotto, and then Paula can come too, a trip to Spain and Portugal. A cruise of 10 days down the Douro River then coach to Lisbon and then into Spain and up to Madrid.  This trip was supposed to be last September 2018 but due to my knee injury – on the end of the trip in 2017 – we wanted to make sure I was ok to travel.

That is just the first half of this year!

Looking forward to a year of fun, love, catching up with friends and family.


Thank you to all our readers without you this blog wouldn’t be where it is now.

Hope the New Year brings you all you need…love and happiness.

No new year resolutions for this sister….


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