An afternoon in Porto

Our last afternoon in Porto.  We decided to just let our feet take us around Porto. Dark rain clouds  were looming so we wore our rain jackets.  It was also very cold. We came across a market selling local wares and this is where the rain started falling. Porto is very hilly with most streets … Continue reading An afternoon in Porto

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards

      In the last few  months our blog has been nominated for not one but 3 awards.  Actually one of these The Sunshine Blog Award was from last year.  I mean how bad is that.  The blog gets nominated and I do nothing! The First Sunshine Blog Award was from thegotogirlsblog last year.  The Second … Continue reading – Leibster and Sunshine Awards

Barca D’Alva and a wee bit of Lemon juice and a ton of whiskey!

The afternoon after our jumper shopping expedition in Regua we set sail for  the town of Barca D'Alva.  The following day we would be heading to Salamanca.  Some of us went to the  top deck to see the 3 bridges in all their glory.  The sun was shinning.  Yet the wind chill factor must have … Continue reading Barca D’Alva and a wee bit of Lemon juice and a ton of whiskey!

First Day in Porto for the sisters

3 flights and many hours later  we arrived safely in Porto.  Our flights from Australia were ok.  I think I actually slept a bit.  Which is not the normal for me. I flew from Melbourne to Singapore and Muriel from Perth to Singapore.  We then flew from Singapore to Frankfurt.  We had a couple of … Continue reading First Day in Porto for the sisters

Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

    In less than 2 weeks Muriel and I will be heading to Europe.  To be more specific Portugal and Spain.  Paula will be home recuperating from a knee replacement. As most of our readers know that I have many chronic illness'.  So  travel takes a bit more effort and forward planning.  I just … Continue reading Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

Rouen – A step back in time.

Rouen is the capital of Normandy.  So many famous people had also been to Rouen, Joan of Arc, Gustave Flaubert, Pierre Corneille, William the Conqueror, Claude Monet…of course  those most famous - Muriel and Bree from 3 sistersabroad. (tongue in cheek) We had the whole afternoon and evening to explore Rouen after our trip to … Continue reading Rouen – A step back in time.


Our cruise ship had docked early in the morning at Caudebec-en-Caux.  Once we had lunch on board after our visit to the Pays d'aude Region we had a free afternoon to explore Caudebec-en-Caux.  It was a Saturday afternoon and most things were closed.  However, we managed to find some very interesting things.   Caudebec-en-Caux during … Continue reading Caudebec-en-Caux