The start of the holiday

I was flying to Perth for a few days before heading to France with my sister Muriel.  It was so we could have a catch up with Paula who unfortunately was not going to be coming with us.

I was driven to the airport bus and encountered my first little issue.  It was cold while waiting and I went to use the bathroom in the foyer.  Only to find it locked, so I went to the reception and was advised I would have to get the key from either cafe at the front of the building.  Somehow both had steps going into their establishments  and with my suitcase, backpack and camera case plus my body was a bit sore I was wondering how I was going to do this.  Mother nature was not going to wait so I managed to get the key.

Then the bus pulled in and I got a seat half way down the bus.  Suddenly, I realized I had left my thyroid medication at home.  3 weeks without my medication was not something I even wanted to think about.  With a bit of help from my housemate who sent a copy of my thyroid medication via the phone and my best friend in Perth, who called a compounding pharmacy and they said they would be able to organize it for me.  We picked it up on the Sunday.  Lyn was lovely and had already worked out if we couldn’t get any she would let me have some of hers.  That’s  what friends are there for.

Arrived at the airport and checked my bags in and then went and had a wine at the wine bar.  Could have had a few more but thought getting on the flight a bit under the weather was not a good idea.  So I then went and enjoyed a coffee and a slice.

My flight was ok, no inflight entertainment as I only had my phone and hadn’t even thought about downloading the app to watch movies.  So I actually read a magazine!

My sister was there to pick me up and we went to her place where we had a cuppa.

Next morning, Lyn arrived at Muriel’s and off we went to church.  Yes you read it. Church, no bolts of lightning, fire or wrath!  Just a lovely church service and morning tea afterwards.

Lyn then took me to visit her Mum who has been in hospital for a while now. Her mum was on fire and was in such good form.  It was a lovely time.  However, she can change at a drop of a hat.  Lyn if your reading this I do understand.

After the visit we went to a local pub for something to eat and drink.  It was nice, good food and good company.

Later Lyn dropped me back at my sisters and we had dinner together then Lyn went home.

Monday we were all meeting for lunch at the Herdsman Pub.  Lyn, Muriel, Paula, Richard – who met on the cruise last year and me!

It was a great lunch lots of laughs. We talked about last years holiday and our trips we were all about to go on. Richard was going on a small ships trip and would still be away right now, I think.

Tuesday, I went to the hairdresses near Muriels place for a shampoo and trim.  I had some streaks put in my hair the week before I was leaving, to hopefully not allow the grey to be the shinning light on my head . Last minute shopping, then finish packing the suitcase and we would be heading off.

Just after 5 we were picked up by friends of Muriel and taken to the airport.  This time we were flying with Emirates and going via Dubai.

Lyn met us at the airport and we enjoyed a cuppa and something light to eat.

We then checked in for our flights and luckly we managed to get seats next to each other.

Said goodbye to Lyn and we went through customs and passport check.

We were about to head off to France, 2 weeks on cruise ships!  Holiday of a lifetime!

Our friends Peter and Tanya who are in England were flying to Nice where we would meet them at the hotel in the evening.

Our flight was boarding – Nice France  here we come!


L to R – Richard, Muriel, Lyn and Paula


Right to Left – Paula, Lyn, Muriel, Richard and Me – Bree


13 thoughts on “The start of the holiday

  1. Lovely to have you link up with us at MLSTL – we always enjoy having new people join us. I hope you’ll be commenting on and sharing some of the other links so that you meet the guidelines, and that you return again for another visit. This is a wonderful group for getting to know other Midlifers and (from what I just read) you have many an interesting story to share with us.
    MLSTL – I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  2. Hello and welcome to #MLSTL and thank you for sharing with us. How wonderful to be going on a cruise in France. We love crusing although we have never taken a River Cruise which is on our list. Isn’t technology wonderful? You left your medication at home but due to technology you were able to get some before leaving for Overseas. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading your adventures. xx

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