Update on My Knee!

Had my MRI last week. Finally got the results!  I have done a ACL – anterior cruciate ligament and a possible fracture.

The surgeon won’t see me for 6 weeks after the injury to allow it to settle. If i go via the private system which this surgeon only does it will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $35,000.  He wants to do an overseas trip on me I think!  I do have an appointment with him next month to see what my options are.  I also have another appointment with my dr next week to 1. get a disability parking space 2 see if i should just go to the outpatients hospital and get it done via the public system.

My travel insurance company is playing hardball and are refusing to cover me for this.  My point is I was traveling while it happened.  It was on the flight home, where at 32,000 ft can you find a MRI or X-ray …..plus when it happened I thought it was just a twist or sprain.  The insurance company are saying as no medical bills while overseas and only possible medical bills here in Australia they wont pay.  It happened to Paula’s hubby as well.


Watch this space as I am fighting it have already lodged a claim with the Financial ombudsman here in Victoria.

I have to stay off the leg as much as possible, wear a knee brace and either crutches or a walking frame.  Crutches I am just all over the place.  A few years ago I broke my ankle in quite a few places and had to use crutches.  You should have seen me use them.  Going up stairs I would sit on my bum and slide up and down stairs.  Can you picture it 🙂

I have learnt that my pain level is quite high.  I must admit I do wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain.

Our holiday to Spain and Portugal next year will be on hold.  We hope to go in May 2019.


If you’re wondering what an ACL is…check out on google gary lyon acl….. a footballer here in Victoria who did the same injury, but you should watch it.  A big footballer who cries more than me.  Its used often as a joke on a footy show here in Australia.  He really did it and really cried like a baby.  I yelled out in pain then just dealt with it.


Bree – the youngest sister


13 thoughts on “Update on My Knee!

  1. Prayers are with you that your insurance will help and you’ll heal completely. Seems odd -if “travel” insurance won’t cover while traveling, maybe they should change their name. 🙂 Years ago COPD used to be written as C.O.L.D, in caps and with the dots like initials, indicating it was an abbreviation for something – Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. The insurance companies refused to pay for colds. The doctors came up with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and the insurance paid.

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    • wow I didn’t know that about COPD. Thank you. I started physio yesterday so onwards and upwards. Same physio as if I had the ACL operation. Start easy she said, today I am very sore. To be expected I suppose.


  2. Poor poor you!! I can so empathize/sympathize with your nighttime pain. When I was having my initial awful attack which led to my MS diagnosis, I used to have very painful prickles all around my middle, as I lay in bed *trying* to fall asleep (which of course couldn’t happen). I remember asking my dear mom back then, “It’s worst at night!! How does it know it’s night?!?” And she said, “It knows! It knows!” Ay yi. I hope you can get the help you need, Bree, soon, and sure hope it won’t wipe you out re $$!!!

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