Filigree demonstration and workshop

Our last full day in Porto would be visiting Gondomar and a workshop and museum of Filigree.  So, what is Filigree? "Filigree is intricate metalwork.  Usually with very fine strands of gold or silver or both that is twisted then applied to a frame of various shapes, filling them with a delicate tracery. The foundry … Continue reading Filigree demonstration and workshop

Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

    In less than 2 weeks Muriel and I will be heading to Europe.  To be more specific Portugal and Spain.  Paula will be home recuperating from a knee replacement. As most of our readers know that I have many chronic illness'.  So  travel takes a bit more effort and forward planning.  I just … Continue reading Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

Travel Tag

My wonderful blogger friend Bea over at recently did this amazing Travel Tag.  Please go and check her blog out.  When I saw the  Travel Tag post I was like " yes I must do this one" WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE THAT YOU HAVE VISITED? So many places over the years.  The Grand Canyon,  The … Continue reading Travel Tag

Packing my back pack!

Packing my back pack was so much harder than the suitcase.  I had my passport and travel papers in the nice wallet the Tour Company sent.  A small clear zip lock bag with my moisturizer and lip balm, and I also had some face wipes. My phone and its charger.,  travel plug, the charger for … Continue reading Packing my back pack!