My phone is home!

Yesterday my house mate and I ventured to IKEA…..and we both survived.  I think we were there for 3 hours.  We did stop for a cuppa and a gluten free cake.  We had a list of things we wanted.  Came out with loads of goodies but nothing that was on the list.  Afterwards we drove down to the beach and let the dogs have a quick run on the sand.

Then I noticed that I had a missed call, so I rang it.  Vodafone Tim here …Bree your phone is back from the hospital.

I raced down to the shops and was reunited with my phone.  No idea what was wrong with her.  Perhaps she is like me and has an auto immune condition.  At least its now recorded and if she does this again, I will get a new phone.  Oh how I missed her.  Android phones are just too hard.  I love my I phone.

Today, we got our wifi connected which will give us contact with the social media world until November when we can get the National Broadband connected. (NBN)

I never realized how much I rely on social media to connect with the outside world.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress., Email.  Even private messenger.

So I am back and oh guess what? 2 weeks this Saturday I leave for Perth Western Australia to catch up with family and friends then its off to France on the Tuesday.



5 thoughts on “My phone is home!

  1. Good news about the phone, it’s strange how much comfort they provide and the sense of panic that arises when they go walkies!
    So exciting to have Australia and France to look forward to, not long to go now!!
    Caz x

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