Welcome the new Sister to 3 sisters abroad.

Wow a year ago we 3 sisters were in Zurich at the start of our holiday.  How time flies!  It  is Muriel’s birthday today and last year due to the time difference she celebrated for 2 days!  As you do and isn’t that a fun thing! Happy Birthday for today Muriel xx


Unfortunately  Paula will not be on this holiday due to personal family reasons. However, Paula will be with us in our hearts.

We will have a 3rd Sister with us on this next trip to France.  Last year we met at the Zurich Airport a lovely family Peter, Tania and one of their sons Luke. We became very close on the trip.  When I told Tania we were going to France they decided they would come with us.  Excellent!!

They will be catching up with family in London then coming to Nice where I am sure a few drinks will be had.

I have tried to add a picture of Tania and myself when we met for drinks after one of my numerous hospital appointments but somehow it won’t let me.  Maybe later.

Oh good its let me add the picture.  So please welcome Tania to the 3 Sisters.




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