Countdown to France

Hi everyone hope your having a wonderful day.

Yesterday I purchased some new bamboo beach pants and a beautiful plum bamboo top from the Ecco Store in Albury.  I was over that way as I had a doctor’s appointment to get results from a few tests I have had done and some more prescriptions.

I am rapt as the new bamboo pants and top are a size down from what I wore last year.

Its 4 months till we head off.  Hopefully, by then I have had a few physio appointments and helped this stupid hip I have.  The rheumatologist has requested that I increase one of my pain medications.  So tonight I took the larger dose.  Can it work so quickly.  I have been in agony for weeks.  Tonight, movement is still hard but the throbbing pain has dulled.

The previous post I wasn’t sure if it was Osteoarthritis or Osteoporosis.  Its osteoarthritis along with the 2 muscles that hold it in are just hanging by a thread.

My general practitioner yesterday suggested a cortisone injection, to which I rejected for now.  I said i wanted to give the increase of medication and the physiotherapy a go first.

I have heard too many times that a cortisone injection only works for a while and sometimes not at all.

Anyway, 4 months till we fly to Nice and then spend time on the Rhone River and then the Seine River.



13 thoughts on “Countdown to France

  1. Will look forward to your blog posts about France! I am reading a wonderful book at the moment which features France at the start of WWII. If you are a reader, it is called ‘The Nightingale’ by Kristin Hannah. Anyway, hope you get your pain sorted before you go. Before we embarked on our 2014 overseas trip I had a cortisone injection in my left hip. It worked wonders and meant that the trip was relatively pain-free. Take care xx Esther

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  2. I hear you with hip pain.
    I had 2 hip surgeries (both hips) and even though it was a loooong recovery and took my all, I am so much better now.

    Had 4 cortisone injections too, they were heavenly. They need to be done with the right technique though. If the cortisone is injected outside the joint, it will not be effective.

    I know this was supposed to be about Paris and I love Paris, but you have my FULL sympathy with hip pain. 🌷

    In case you ever need to talk, contact me. I am more than happy to talk to you and share experiences or give advice. 🌻😘

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  3. How exciting! France will be amazing.
    Don’t be to put off by a corticosteroid injection in the hip. I had one before a long car trip & it was amazing. You might just find it makes your next travel adventure just that little bit easier.
    Sam xx

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    • Thanks Sam. yes very exciting. I will see how the upped medication goes. I suppose I am scared of it as I saw my mum have them and some didn’t seem to work. Plus I am a scary cat re injections 🙂


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