Tips and hints on traveling on a River Cruise



3 Sisters Abroad 

This is a post on a few hints and tips when traveling on a river cruise  We 3 had traveled before, on various trips overseas however not together since we were kids. I had been down to Melbourne Australia and spent a few days with Muriel my eldest sister and her daughter and grand-daughter.  Paula and I had spent a few days together in Sydney when her hubby couldn’t make the trip.

What do we take? We had our clothes sorted.  We had not been on a cruise before, we had no idea what was in store for us.


  1.  Unless you have a major allergy do not bother taking shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Your room is serviced twice a day.  Once in the morning, while your off having breakfast, then again when you’re having dinner.
  2. Take your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
  3. Purchase a microfiber towel.  They pack neatly in a very small bag.  This is very useful for taking a lot of the moisture out of your washing.
  4. Get some Febreeze and use that when you’re not able to wash your outer clothes.
  5. Take some soap or use body wash  to wash your clothes.
  6. You can use the laundry service on the ship but it is a bit expensive.
  7. Our room had a “lip” all round the bedroom. Not sure that’s how to describe it but thats my interpretation of it .  We would put our clothes on the hanger then hung them from the lip.  Perfect drying conditions.
  8. Take one moisturizer that can be used for both face and body.  Make room for those extra items you want to spend your $$ on.
  9. Take a converter for your electrical items.  I have one that has a slot for my iPhone and points for my camera battery.
  10. Lots of zip lock bags.  These are great for your shoes in the suitcase.  Also great for washing that is still damp  when your moving onto another town or cruise.
  11. Most bathrooms have a pull out clothes line.  Great for your underwear.
  12. Use the safe.  Keep your passport and travel documents safe!
  13. If you have a food allergy let your Cruise Director know and the wait staff.  I have a couple of food allergies and I was catered for at all meals. The food was 5 star restaurant food.
  14. Makeup – eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick, and I use a powder.  Perfume, take a bottle thats nearly empty.  Paula did that.  However, even though I used it as well, its still going strong.  The magical perfume bottle, keeps giving you sweet sweet smell.


I have just finished watching a new show here in Australia “Travel Guides”.  This time they all went on a cruise to the Islands off Australia.  Cruising on an ocean liner is so different to that of a river cruise.  On an ocean liner, well the one on the show had over 1,500 people on  board.  On a river cruise probably no more than 150.

A cruise is not everyone’s cup of tea.  A lot of people love to just go with the flow, pack a back pack and off they go.  I did that when I went to the USA a few years ago.  I should share some of that holiday. 4 weeks, Utah,  Seattle, and back to Utah then to the Grand Canyon  Las Vegas and then San Diego and then home.I was lucky for 3 of the 4 weeks I stayed with friends.

We throughly enjoyed the cruise and will be doing another one later this year.


14 thoughts on “Tips and hints on traveling on a River Cruise

  1. I could enjoy a river cruise but hubby would be bored silly and won’t hear of it. I couldn’t handle the 1500 people on a large cruiseship. Thank you for the great tips. Perhaps I can talk someone into the river cruise some time soon.

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    • Yes I would go crazy with the larger ocean cruises…too many people. Paula’s hubby thought the same thing….bored etc on a cruise. I hope you can find someone to travel with on a river cruise. It really is a lovely way to see places.


  2. Just to let you know perfume almost finished (chanel no 5) only a few weeks left.
    Was going to give it to you for the next cruise.
    I have some jo malone almost finished will give you that.
    So jel of you both, but so happy for you.
    Great tips

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