The Mystery Blogger Award

Silvia from the  has nominated me for this award. Please go over and check out her blog.  You will not be disappointed. Silvia's blog is full of happiness,  craft ideas and baking.  When I saw I was nominated, I was so happy.  I am also a bit late in doing this award again.  Oops! The … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

Noorilim Estate Mansion – Murchison

Today the View club that I am a member of had an excursion to Noorilim Estate in Murchison Victoria. This Mansion was built in 1879 and since then has had 10 owners.  The first owners were the Winter family.  Its long history has included a sheep and cattle station, a thoroughbred horse stud, private … Continue reading Noorilim Estate Mansion – Murchison

May 15th – TSC Global Awareness Day

Today is TSC Global Awareness Day.  You might ask what is TSC?  It stands for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.  Tuberous Sclerosis affects the eyes, skin, brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and some also have epilepsy. I have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and so does my youngest daughter Jennifer. I was officially diagnosed when she was 1. TSC in … Continue reading May 15th – TSC Global Awareness Day

Mothers Day

Tomorrow here in Australia we celebrate Mothers Day.  Many cafes and restaurants will be having Mothers Day luncheons.  Home Kitchens will have every pot and pan and spoon dripping with pancake mixture, runny eggs, burnt toast  as the children with the help of dad make Mum breakfast in bed. Bunches of Chrysanthemums and roses will … Continue reading Mothers Day

One lovely blog award

I woke up this morning to find I had been awarded The One Lovely Blog Award by Deepika from  Please go and visit Deepika's blog, you will not be disappointed. I always feel inspired reading this blog.  Thank you so much Deepika, I am humbled. This also gives me the opportunity to thank everyone who … Continue reading One lovely blog award