3 Sisters Abroad

I was about to turn the big 60 and my sisters thought a trip over to Europe would be the way to celebrate it.  They both decided it would be my decision on where and how we could go   So then the confusion started. Do we do a cruise, a train trip or a bus trip or combine them. I was on the internet looking at trips and cruise’s.  The house was filled with travel brochures and any spare time I had would be reading them, marking them and then charging my mind.  By the time I had made my mind up, this can be so hard to do as I am indecisive at the best of times, we had missed out on traveling the year of the 60!


3 sisters abroad

Decision made – It would be a 7 day cruise up the Rhine from Basel in Switzerland and finish in Amsterdam.  Then coach to Paris for a few days. We booked an extra night in Zürich and 2 extra nights in Paris. Departure would be August 2016.  2 years from when we first started to talk about a holiday together!

The Wine!

Having a well earned drink


The bookings were closing end of February 2015, so  I asked my long time friend Lyn to join us.  We met when in grade 1, many lifetime’s ago.  She jumped at the chance.  The two of us talked every day on Facebook about what we were taking, buying etc.  So excited.

Unfortunately 7 weeks before we were due to fly my dear friend had a freak accident that ended with broken leg foot etc with plates and several screws.

First Tip: Always make sure you have travel insurance.


My last overseas holiday was back in 1999, I went to the States for 4 weeks on my own.  Before that I had been to Thailand a lifetime ago and Great Britain back when I was 16. My 2 older sisters have traveled a bit more than me.  Paula had been to Europe many times and the last time to Paris was only 4 years ago. Muriel the eldest, has been to Egypt, Hawaii , London, Paris and Singapore.

3 Sisters. would we fight, argue, or just enjoy the time together .  Who are we?

Muriel, the eldest, a widow, a teacher, mother of 3 children, several grandchildren and great grand children. Loves to dance and sing and plays the piano.

Paula, married and still in love with her hubby Mike,  mother of 3 children, 3 grandchildren. Loves to travel, garden and my co partner with the wine.

Bree – me,   single (divorced but it was a long time ago) Mother of 2 grown up girls.  Loves to read, dance, walk the dogs, Tai Chi and help Paula finish the bottle of wine.  I had always wanted to travel, but somehow life got in the way.   I  have 2 Rare Diseases, Tuberous Sclerosis and Lymphangioleiomyomatosis – Lam Lung Disease , Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, Meniers Disease, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, high blood pressure, Anxiety .  I think that’s it.

This blog is about our holidays and  how to travel with a chronic illness.



Cafe in Montmartre



Thank you so much for coming along for the ride with us.  We have met some amazing people while traveling and they are now considered our friends.


Val our dear friend we met on the 2017 cruise



Richard who met on the first cruise in 2016



Peter, Bree (me) and Tania. We met Tania and Peter at Zurich Airport 2016.  They were on our cruise that year and also traveled with us in 2017 to France.



Peter and Sarah who were on our 2019 21 day tour of Portugal and Spain

22 thoughts on “3 Sisters Abroad

  1. Travel is the best, I often go away with my mother, on our own and with the family, I met my husband on holiday and as our teens get older we are beginning to put them in the driving seat with the choice of destinations. Here’s to family travel!


  2. Sisters are the best! I am the oldest of three sisters and have a big “0” birthday coming up. I sure wish I’d read this with more time ahead of me to plan. Maybe for the next “0” birthday! 🙂

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