Basel to Breisach 30/7/16

Roughly around 4.30 am our ship departed Basel on its way to Breisach.  The town is situated along the Rhine halfway between Colmar and Freiburg.  Its name is Celtic and means breakwater.  The Town of Breisach during the second world war was 85% destroyed by the Allies artillery as they crossed the Rhine.

There were 3 locks to go through and sometimes this can take a while.  The locks are very narrow and takes precision steering by the captain. This picture below shows how close the wall of the lock was to our window in our room.  It can be a bright sunny day but as your ship sits in the middle of the lock, going down and down it becomes very dark indeed.

The top deck at some of the locks was out-of-bounds as the bridges for the cars going over the locks are very low and could wipe out a few heads.  Fascinating to watch though and I must admit I never got tired of watching us get lower in the lock.  A couple we were up on the top deck but as the main bridge lifted the water that was pelting down would have wiped us all out.  We watched until the last-minute then ran for it down the stairs.

to be continued!




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