Breisach – Alsace & Black Forest

When in Germany, do as the Germans do!  Beer, sausages and pretzels – After breakfast  we were all treated to a Fruchschoppen brunch (The word comes from the German word for early “Früh” and “Schoppen”, which is a ¼ Liter. “Schoppen” is the size of a small beer. )  I had a gluten free beer and some yummy gluten free German food.  My sisters were able to have the very large pretzels and all the other tasty fare on offer.

More food – Lunch was served ….so much food!!!!   Anyone who says they are hungry on a River Cruise must be crazy!!

While we were having lunch our ship arrived in Breisach, situated on the German side of the Rhine and directly facing the Alsatian region of France.

We had a choice of either visiting The Black Forest or visit the charming Alsatian town of Colmar. We chose the town of Colmar and more wine tasting!

Colmar was stunning, flowers in every window. Such a beautiful town!  Amazing architecture, such a pretty  town.  One I would love to go back and stay for a while.

Our guide was funny as we were crossing the Rhine in the bus she would say how do you feel? Do you feel anything as you cross over from Germany to France?  How easy it is to get from one country to the other.  A simple drive over a bridge.  No planes, no long sitting in a stuffy cramped cabin.  For those who live in Europe you really have got a wonderful world at your fingertips!…I hope you do appreciate what you have.

This was our first taste of the Audio Devices and earpieces.  They were slightly uncomfortable and often the guides voice would disappear, then come back all crinkly  static like.  We 3 had a love hate relationship with these devices.

After a stunning and beautiful walk through Colmar we were then taken to a local wine grower where we got to sample the wines and also a tour of the cellars.

Wunsch et Mann – Produce of France – we tasted a Pinot Blanc a Riesling and a Gewurztraminer.  They provided everyone with pretzels!! more food

I’m telling you now….I think we could say we drank and ate our way through Europe 🙂

Then it was back to the ship to be spruced up for the Captains Welcome Cocktail and Port Talk in the lounge!

Did i say more drinks??



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