Did anyone say drinks?

We 3 quickly changed into our glad rags to be welcomed on board by the Captain and his crew!

As you walk into the lounge, the Captain Andreas, Hotel Manager Sandra and  ourCruise Director  shake your hands and welcome you on board. A glass of champagne is given to you and you clink and shake hands with the crew.

Nibbles are served….yes more food!

After the cocktail party  dinner is served in the restaurant below.  5 courses of amazing food and wines to match the food.  Your glass is continually filled.

There is a casual feel about dinner, as you can sit anywhere.  This gives the guests more opportunity of meeting new people each time.

We 3 continued to plan our movie and working out who was going to play who.  Such a laugh, I’m sure we were the loudest and craziest lot on this cruise.

Not a care in the world, as the world was our oyster!

Back in the lounge after dinner,  can I say a lot more drinks were drunk!  The music was playing and we were up dancing. Sisters are doing it for themselves.

Muriel also sang with our resident musician Dikran!

I was lucky enough to have a dance with Sandra the hotel manager.  Gee she can dance!

Again the 3 sisters plus Richard and our lovely Cruise Director were the last to go to bed.  I wonder how many complaints they received due to us singing and laughing all the way down to our corridor.  All 5 of us were on the same floor and right down the end.





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