Basel- Part 2….Cowboys and Boys with Toys



Going down to my cabin on Friday evening before dinner, a gentleman was approaching me along the corridor.  I have no idea why but I reached for my guns and “shot” him….Funny enough he “shot “me back…We formed a great friendship and welcomed Richard to the 3 sisters.  We often would do this when walking along the corridor. Too!k me back to when I was a kid watching all the cowboy shows on TV!



The lovely Richard.

We were still in Basel leaving later that night. We 3 went up to the sun deck to have a look around Basel at the lights before dinner.

It was funny watching all the cars and the teenagers doing their ritual Friday night drive around town and the docks.  Sometimes you think it only happens in your town, but it happens all over the world.  Boys and their engines and big wheels and the girls trying to impress the boys with their love of the cars.

7pm and dinner was served.  a 5 course meal of amazing food and choices and lots of wine to drink.

After dinner we 3 went to the lounge which was the first of many nights  being the last ones to leave.The 3 Sisters, Richard, Eric (our cruise director) and our wonderful Musician Dikran.  Dancing, drinking and generally having fun.  Lots of laughs to be had as we talked about this blog and when it becomes famous who was going to play our parts.  Don’t you think Richard Gere would make a handsome Richard!!….I have chosen Sandra Bullock to play me.  Paula couldn’t decide between Helen Mirren or Cate  but I think Cate Blanchette would do her proud.  Muriel would be played by no other than Meryl Streep.  Our Captain is Antonio Banderas, our cruise director will star as himself Eric.

Sisters are doing it for themselves!!!




2 thoughts on “Basel- Part 2….Cowboys and Boys with Toys

  1. Loooking at the photo i seriously think judy dench would be better playing my part.
    Oscar in the making. I would have to acccept it on her behalf of course.


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