Tips on traveling with a chronic illness




In less than 2 weeks Muriel and I will be heading to Europe.  To be more specific Portugal and Spain.  Paula will be home recuperating from a knee replacement.

As most of our readers know that I have many chronic illness’.  So  travel takes a bit more effort and forward planning.  I just can not take off at a moments notice.  I also would struggle to have just carry on.  My medications alone nearly fill the backpack!

I will share with you what works for me, so I can travel.

  1.  Get insurance.  A lot of my conditions are already covered under the main insurance umbrella, however I list every single one.  It pays to be sure!  It will cost a bit more though so be prepared.  I think if you can not afford insurance then you can’t afford to travel.
  2. Check with your doctors and specialists that they think your well enough to travel.
  3. Medication!  Have enough medications for the time your away and a little bit more in case of delays.
  4. Prescriptions – If you can have your prescriptions with you.
  5. A letter from your doctor stating what medications your on and all your chronic illness’.
  6. Pack your medications, letter and prescriptions in a clear ziplock bag.
  7. Pack the zip lock bag in your carry on luggage.  Never ever pack your medications in the bag that goes into the hold of the plane.
  8. Photocopy your letter etc and store copies with your passport and travel documents. (including certificate of travel insurance)
  9. Leave at home copies of  itinerary, passport, certificate of travel insurance with a friend or loved one.


The most important tip –

Have Fun!



** I will be posting photos on our Instagram Account while away.  I may do a blog post while away but more than likely we will be too busy dancing the flamenco!”




15 thoughts on “Tips on traveling with a chronic illness

  1. It’s inspiring to read that even with an illness it is possible to travel. We too will be in Spain and Portugal next month, perhaps our paths may cross? X


  2. It does take more preparation but travel can still be doable and enjoyable, and you’ve shared some great tips to give everyone the best chance of things going smoothly when travelling with chronic illness. I only made my first holiday nearly two years ago and packing the important things in your hand luggage is vital. I had to have stoma supplies as well as meds in there but I called the airline in advance to let them know and they said it didn’t matter if my bag ended up being a little over the size limit, and they added on extra weight allowance too. Better to be safe than sorry and keep all the necessities for your health on you at all times.

    I hope you & Muriel have a fantastic trip! I’m only a little bit envious (got any room in your suitcase for me?) Where will you be staying when you reach your first destination? I hope Paula is managing ok and that the recovery from her surgery is going as smoothly as possible. ♥

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    • It certainly does take a bit more preparation but it can be done. I would love to have room for you to come. We are looking at going on another trip next year if you want to come. xx i might call the airlines to see if I can do that to re extra hand luggage. Although the new back pack the company sent is really good. yes Paula will be home on Monday and will have extra home help. As long as she does what she is told she will be ok xx..

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