Adeus Portugal Hola Spain

It had been a wonderful couple of weeks sailing down the Douro River with Scenic then a few days exploring Portugal.  Today we would be having breakfast in Portugal and lunch and Dinner in Spain.  We fell in love with Portugal so with heavy hearts we say Adeus Portugal.  You have been very kind to us.

Obrigado Portugal

Hola España

It was going to be an early start, our bags had to be out in the corridor by 6.30 AM, breakfast at 7am and on the bus by 8am.  We arrived in Jabugo to visit a renowned local producer of the famous cured Jamon.  Then a stop at the factory and wine and Jamon tasting before lunch at a restaurant where we would savor the Spanish delicacies.

The weather wasn’t being kind.  Leaving Portugal behind and heading to Spain it was teaming/raining really hard.   It had stopped by the time we arrived in Jabugo.  It was still overcast though.

Big thank you to our wonderful driver, that would have been so hard driving through that awful rain.

We split into two groups to visit the farm famous for its cured Jamon.  On the way I just had to take a photo of the Wisteria which is the top photo on this post.   We made our way to where the pigs roam freely.  Yes totally free range.  They are camera shy and it was fun trying to get a photo of them.


Those elusive pigs.


Our group would have morning tea first while the other group would visit the factory.  I love how wherever you are in Europe you sample the food and wine.  I loved the orange flavored wine.


This wine was delicious!



The Jamon that we sampled (as you can see one plate is almost empty!)

The jamon  is naturally gluten free however they gave me some gluten free nibbles also.  I can say without a doubt that being gluten free so far in Portugal and now Spain was not going to be a problem.


Gluten free breadsticks – I think!

Our tour of the factory we had to “suit up”.  Silly me left my camera and phone in the holding area.  I thought I heard we couldn’t take them in due to security etc.  So no photos of inside the factory.


Muriel all suited up


Yours Truly goofing of in our new fashion

Row upon row of  ham hanging from the ceiling. Some are smoked some not.

As we made our way to the restaurant it began to hail and rain so heavy the water was running over my shoes and  my pants were soaking.  Lucky the shoes were leather.

Dripping wet we all went into the restaurant.  I went and stood in  front of the roaring fire to dry off a bit.


Drying off in front of the fire

Lots of wine along with yummy food and great company as we were treated to delicious Spanish food.



My dessert – Quince with walnuts – Gluten free and yummy

With full bellies and feeling a bit sleepy we boarded the bus for a nap.  Next stop Seville!

More on our two busy days in Seville at Easter.  It was quite the eye opener I can tell you.








19 thoughts on “Adeus Portugal Hola Spain

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  2. What a great day (except for the rain, of course)! I love going behind-the-scenes on tours to see how things are made. I bet that Jamon is fantastic!

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  3. It all looks gorgeous Bree – and I loved your new outfit and matching cap – definitely one for the fashion pages! It all sounds pretty perfect – lovely countryside, plenty to eat, an interesting tour, and a nap on the way home!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

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