Things I always carry in my bag

The last few days I have read two wonderful posts on “Things I always carry in my bag” and I thought to myself why not do a post on this.  The Happiest Pixel and Cheila’s Blog is where I first read this post.

How on earth do some men get away with just carrying a wallet in a pocket is beyond me! I mean don’t they need some of the things I carry in my bag?

Whether I am home or away my crossover bag always has these things in it.  Its just the right size!


My drugs – medication

  1.  Serc – just in case I experience a dizzy spell or fullness in my ears, this works very quickly.
  2. My puffer – having chronic asthma it’s very important that I have it in my bag at all times.
  3. Panamax and Panadol Rapid. – I suffer with headaches and body aches so if it’s really bad I can take either.



Lipstick – not sure why as once I apply it I never reapply.

Lip Balm


Mini Makeup Mirror – to check for toothpaste on the face one of the last things I do before heading out to the shops is I clean my teeth.  I have no idea how it gets all over my face!


Other stuff

Wallet – with all my important cards – disability card, seniors card, ambulance card, X-ray card, myki card (transport card in Victoria) Opal Card (transport card for Sydney)

Letter from my doctor  –  with all my chronic conditions and what drugs I take for them

Reading Glasses – Otherwise I can’t see

Lens Cleaner – Obvious

Sunglasses – Unless they are on my face!

Tissues – I always need one when I don’t have one!

Dog poo bags – I have two dogs say no more

Coin purse


small bottle of water – I get thirsty and its handy if i have to take medications when out

Phone and portable charger – Going into the city for medical appointments I often browse on social media.  My train trips are at least 1 hour each way. Plus I keep all my information on my phone for my doctors.

Keys – To get back into my car and house, very important

Small Diary – To keep all my appointments handy for physiotheraphy, doctors, hydrotherapy, specialists so I don’t book them all on the same day. The day I didn’t take it I booked the bone surgeon and lung specialist on the same day at the same time.

Camera – When traveling I also have my camera in the bag.

Disability Sticker – As I might be in someone elses car.


If you the reader decides to do this let me know so I can read “whats in your bag”


Bree – the youngest sister












7 thoughts on “Things I always carry in my bag

  1. Wow, Bree! And I thought *I* had a lotta stuff in mine! Whenever I visit my sister-in-law she always berates me and warns of impending back pain, shoulder pain etc. caused by my heavy shoulder/crossover bag!

    I was impressed by the number of medical-related cards you have, until I realized, waitaminute! I have my Medicare card, sure – but also a hospital card for every hospital in Montreal I’ve ever been a patient at (over the decades, y’know?!) : Royal Victoria, Jewish General, Montreal General, St. Mary’s, Montreal Neurological, and I’m sure one or two more. 😀

    I don’t take all my meds with me, though maybe I should!

    Thanks for your entertaining post! 😀

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  2. you would be horrified if you looked in mine
    Old chocolate wrappers used tissues old bus tickets old receipts
    Loose coins broken glasses etc

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