Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Sumison Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in Wodonga. The gardens have so much for everyone. Two children's playgrounds, two enclosed dog parks, exercise equipment (free), plenty of covered bbq's, seats scattered around the walking paths and plenty of toilets around the park. One of the many free exercise equipment placed around the park … Continue reading Sumison Gardens/Belvoir Park Wodonga

Lam Awareness

The month of June is coming to a close.  June is Lam Awareness month.  Sarah from has done an amazing awareness program each year for the month of June.  Below is my piece this year.  Do go over to her blog and check them out.   Thank you for reading and following.     … Continue reading Lam Awareness

6 Month Update on my Knee Injury

So its been 6 months since I initially injured my knee on the flight home from Paris.  6 months!  Where has the time gone? I am now going to physio twice a week.  Each time I go I am put through my paces.  30-45 mins of intense workout. Waiting on referral to do some physiotherapy … Continue reading 6 Month Update on my Knee Injury