Cologne – Köln Germany

Cologne was our next town to visit  back in 2016. We had a choice to either stay on the ship and cruise from Bonn to Cologne or take a coach to Cologne and do a tour of the Perfume Factory or a self tour. We chose to do the self tour of Cologne. Our coach dropped us near the magnificent Cathedral of St Peter.

When I look back at all our trips to Europe it seems it either poured with rain or it was extremely hot.

It poured with rain all the way from Bonn to Cologne and it continued to rain as we alighted the coach.

The Magnificent Cologne Cathedral

Those tiles in front of the Cathedral were oh so slippery. You learn to walk a certain way on the tiles/cobblestones. I saw my Osteopath when I got home and he said the walking on the cobblestones is good for the body!

Building of the Cathedral began in 1248 and was completed in 1880. The Cathedral was opened 27 September 1322.

Stunning Stain glass windows

During World War Two, Cologne was extensively damaged including the Cathedral. Repairs to the Cathedral finished in 1956. Lucky the medieval windows had been removed before it was damaged.

Inside the Cathedral

The outside of the  Cathedral is amazing, it’s so large, makes you feel so tiny in comparison. It is the largest Gothic Church in Europe. features immense twin towers that stand 515 feet (157 metres) tall. The cathedral was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996.   Once inside a sense of calmness come over you as one wanders around this spectacular piece of history in awe.

  The Shrine of the Three Kings is said to contain their bones. This Shrine sits above the High Alter at the Cologne Cathedral.

 Address of Cologne Cathedral

Domkloster 4, 50667 Köln, Germany

Once outside we decided we would head slowly back to the ship. Of course I would have got us lost again but thank goodness the older sisters knew the way back to the ship. We did have a map though.

We literally stumbled onto the Fragrance Museum/ Farina House – Eau DE Cologne. Did you know its been around for over 300 years and was not only used for perfume but also had medicinal properties!

Fragrance Museum Farina House

Back in the 18th Century Johann Maria Farina, an Italian living in Cologne Germany created a fragrance. Eau De Cologne – water from Cologne. Farina’s fragrance was popular with all the royal households. In the 18th century it would cost a civil servant up to 6 months of their wages. They even thought if they drank it could ward of the plague!

Others soon copied Farina and his fragrance. Wilhelm Mülhens started his perfumerie at Glockengasse 4711 and made a product called Kölnisches Wasser (Cologne Water) that was supposed to be a tonic for all things inside and out.

Farina family were not happy with Wilhelm Mülhens and in 1832 the Farina’s won a case against Mülhens. Mülhens promptly hired someone else by the name of Farina and was then able to continue to use the name. Trademark Laws were in the early stages of getting set up.

So nowadays Farina family are still making their product in clear glass bottles with red lids while 4711 use the turquoise and gold labels.

Paula purchased a 5 or 6 small bottles of the fragrance and Muriel and I – I hope shared in the cost. As we both took a bottle each. I wish now I had bought more. This one has been in my makeup bag since then, so its a bit worse for wear. It actually says the Original Eau de Cologne.

Bit worse for wear as its been at the bottom of my makeup bag – the Original Farina Eau de Cologne with the date 1709.
The rear of the bottle – You can just make out the name Farina.

Fragrance Museum Farina-House
Obenmarspforten 21
50667 Cologne

House of 4711
Glockengasse 4
50667 Köln

We still had a bit of time before we had to be back on the ship so we found a cafe  and treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream. We asked the girl who was serving the ice cream if we could sit on the chairs. Of course she said yes. Thank goodness we asked as the manager/owner came out to shoo us away, she told him we had asked and she had said yes. Phew! Rain and ice cream do not go together! Never assume you can sit on the seats out the front of cafes etc unless you are buying a meal. Always ask. Mind you there was no one in the restaurant while we were there.

Walking back to the ship we came across these name in the cobblestones. These stones in the Old Town of Cologne commemorate all of those who have passed away from Aids. This is an art installation by Kaltes Eck.

Names of those who have passed away from Aids in Cologne Germany

We got back to the ship to get ready for the Captains Farewell dinner.  Only 2 more nights left on the ship. How time goes so quickly.

Our cruise ship still another 2 nights.

Cologne another magical city.

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