Peso da Régua and our quest to buy a jumper

A couple of days before we had berthed at  Peso da Regua around 6pm so those that wanted could  visi the Douro Museum. Muriel and I had decided not to visit.  It had been touch and go whether we would get their in time for the tour.  Also it was freezing and staying on the ship was a better option.

In the morning we would have a couple of hours in Regua before sailing down the Douro going through several locks. As the Douro River is still a bit wild ships are only allowed to sale during the day.

That morning it was even colder – freezing is a better word.  We had been told that it was snowing on the mountains just 5 mins away from Regua.

While we were having  breakfast our ship Scenic Azure moved from Regua port to the other side of the river to refuel.


Thats snow on the hills.

Where we had berthed the famous Sandman Winery had one of their many vineyards and winery.


The Famous Sandman winery

There is also the Quinta Da Pacheca – where you can sleep in huge wine barrels.  



Quinta Da Pacheca – where you can sleep in the barrels.


My photo below isn’t that good, I took it from the coach.



The Wine Barrels you can stay in.


So where is Regua?  Its right on the Douro River.    If you read anything on line about Regua is that its a sun drenched town on the Douro in the Villa Real district.  Its in the northern part of the Portugal.  As we crossed over one of the 3 bridges I noticed an awesome Motor home park right on the river.  It would be lovely to spend a few days or weeks.  We passed Regua via the bridges  a couple of times on our way to other destinations while on the Douro.  The city became the major distribution of Port Wine back in the  the 13th Century.


Our first stop was one of the many chemists  in Regua.  I knew that this cold snap was not good for my lungs.  My asthma was bad and  a cold/flu was developing. There were a few others on the ship coming down with something and with my lungs I didn’t want to take any chances.

The pharmacist was lovely and could speak a little english.  She went through some medications for the cough.  I wasn’t sure due to my lack of Portuguese that it wouldn’t mess with my other medications.  I decided to stay safe and go with the Portuguese Stepsils with added vitamin c.    I was already taking camu camu – vitamin C and Zinc.  The day before I began taking my antibiotics and prednisone for my asthma.

Next stop was to buy extra jumpers.  Both Muriel and I had a couple of jumpers but they were lightweight we needed something a bit warmer.  So shopping it was.  Everyone was heading to the chemist then shopping for warmer clothes.  We weren’t the only ones who had been caught short with this “cold spell”.  Personally, I would call it freezing spell.

Both Muriel and I quickly purchased a couple of jumpers.  I think the shop was one of those bargain shops but when your cold who cares.  Its winter here in Australia and Im yet to wear it.  I might donate it to the local Opportunity Shop where I volunteer but not just yet.

The Main Photo of Muriel with one of the jumpers she purchased in Regua.

The two hours we had in Regua were nearly over.  As we wandered down to where the coach would be I took a few photos. We were actually the last on the bus.


The cobblestone streets of Regua



Streetscape in Regua






The famous tiled buildings in Regua


The cobblestones streets of Regua




A home with tiles in its garden – Regua






Regua – this is down by the port.


Our next port would be Barca D’Alva.  We spent an afternoon cruising down the river going through several locks.  I will do a separate post on the locks and entertainment on board.

The following day everyone would be visiting Salamanca in Spain.  The cruise director Filipe advised me it might be best if I stay on board.  The weather in Salamanca was scheduled to be freezing and very windy.  They were worried about my health.  I felt so cared for.

Next post is on Salamanca.  Muriel  has written the blog post which I will post in a couple of days.



23 thoughts on “Peso da Régua and our quest to buy a jumper

  1. My last trip to Europe was unexpectedly freezing too. I couldn’t believe how cold the wind was and so many of us were quite sick by the end of it. I was very glad to come home and feel the warm Aussie air again (two courses of antibiotics to recover and a huge dollop of gratitude for our climate!)
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I ended up with 2 courses of antibiotics. My third a couple we met on tour bought them off me as they had gone through theirs. I wanted to give it to them but they insisted. Yes we had one taken to hospital in Porto and one who missed out on a lot of the holiday spending time in her room on the cruise and on the land tour getting a doctor in. When my sister and I came home I was feeling much better however this couple were heading onto Morocco for another 10 days so I hope they managed ok. While I was away in April the weather at home was beautiful. I got home and since then rain hail nearly snow and so cold. Thank you so much, I love MLSTL and have found some amazing bloggers from this.


  2. I love looking at your photos! Traveling abroad is something I will most likely never do, so seeing these cities and countries vicariously is great fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to over pack. Get home and discover half of the suitcase was never worn. I had actually put a warm jumper in and then taken it out. Along with the warmer t/shirts. Lesson learnt always be prepared lol. The first year we were heading to Moulin Rouge we were told dressy thongs were not allowed. As it was summer thats all I had or sneakers. So we went shopping for shoes in Paris. Managed to find a pair for $10eu so comfy…


    • Yes not the ideal getting sick. I ended up having a day on the ship while Muriel went to Salamanca. Lucky I was prepared with all my medications. Others not so lucky. One lady who should have been prepared left most of her medications at home. Her husband had to get a doctor in when we were staying in Evora. Another on the ship was taken to the hospital when we got back to Porto. The Douro is beautiful. April May or September are the best times. Mind you a friend was there in January and the weather was gorgeous lol.


  3. I love your posts in Portugal! It’s one country that has stayed with me. Seems like we often have to make an emergency purchase of some sort when traveling! I’ve made many visits to the pharmacy (or chemist) while traveling and have even had to pick up pajamas when my luggage was lost!


  4. I’m glad you managed to find something at the pharmacy. It’s a worry thinking of being in a different country, with different products and a language barrier, and trying to find something suitable, especially if you’re already taking other medications as you were. I think you should keep a jumper as a momento to remember for your chilly time there by!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those wine barrels now that I have seen them on line look amazing. Yes we got our jumpers. Everyone was buying coats jumpers leather bags. Muriel purchased two I was happy with my one. I personally don’t like snug jumpers but maybe I will get used to it. Thank you for stopping by


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