Our vist to Lamego – Portugal

We set off to see Lamego in driving rain and fog.  It was April 2019 so in Australia that’s Spring.  Our Springs down under are cool nights and warm days.  In Portugal they considered it winter still.  It was cold, I don’t think the temperature was over 5 degrees.  It was snowing in some areas of Portugal.

Lamego has a history dating back to the Romans .  Back in 1139 Alfonso the 1st was crowned the First King of Portugal.


The blossoms on the trees say its spring

We arrived in Lamego and were taken to the top of the hill and the   Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios.  It was built between 1750 and 1761.   We were taken on a tour of the inside however no photos were allowed.  Although a couple of people – not in our group – took a couple.  They were told off very quickly.


The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedies

Apparently the view from the top  where Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedies down to the city is amazing.  The cloud cover was so low and the rain and fog you couldn’t see too far in front of you.  That saying “couldn’t see past the nose on my face” comes to my mind.


Part of the 600 steps .

A couple of brave people from our tour decided they would walk down the 600 steps.  We caught up with them in town.  15 minutes they said it took them. Brave very Brave!


At Easter you will find many “walking” up the stairs on their hands and feet, a penance to  absolve their sins. We were in Sevilla at Easter and this type of penance, walking with bare feet for days on end in the processions or on their knees – bare knees at that – to absolve the sins they have made.  They would do this till they bled from their wounds.  It could be sins from their family that every year they do this in the hope that God will absolve their sins and allow them to go into the Kingdom of God.


Our bus dropped us off in the main town at the bus centre.  We walked up the main street – Avenida Dr. Alfredo Sousa – and again you can on a clear day see all those 600 steps.  There are terraces on the way up to the top and each terrace has tiling and fountains.  We couldn’t see this but this is what our guide told us.  I have since googled and seen some amazing photos of this wondrous staircase.  Maybe one day I will go back to have another look and perhaps walk up and down those steps.  Not on my knees though, I won’t go that far!


Looking up to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedies  and the 600 steps.


Both Muriel and myself went looking for some souvenirs, we both purchased a tea towel for $5 euros.  Later on in other towns we discovered 5 euros is quite expensive.  Oh well you live and learn.




Museum of Lamego



We then went to the Museum of Lamego.  It was free with sight of our Scenic name tag.  One of the main reasons we ventured into the museum was because it was so wet.  The rain was pelting down, tropical rain.  All the cafes were full so the museum was the next best place.  I know we both would have loved to keep wandering around this beautiful town but we were wet and cold.



St John the Evanelist Chapel 18th Century

The above is the St John The Evangelist Chapel – Lamego Portugal.  18th Century – Carved, gilded and painted wood – oil on oil panel painting – Convent of Chagas Lamego.



One of the huge Flemish Tapestries



The Holy Family Altarpiece


The museum was fascinating and told the story of Lamego.  To think that if it hadn’t been raining so hard we may never had even gone into the museum.   So if do go to Lamego do take the time maybe an hour or so and really have a look around.

The museum is in the old Episcopal Palace.  It was rebuilt in  the 18th century by the Bishop Manuel de Vasconcelos Pereira. Founded in 1917 following the establishment of the Republic and the consequent nationalization of the Church property, his estate was initially made up of the existing objects in the Palace, complemented with several originated elements of the former Chagas Convent of Lamego, to which were added the archaeological collection of the City Hall, and until today, with its constant enrichment through donations.

We were only going to wander around downstairs but the security wouldn’t let us into some of the rooms until we had been upstairs. No english spoken but with her outstretched arms and lots of pointing to the stairs we realized we must go upstairs.  I should have filmed her it was so funny.

Once she was satisfied that we had looked at most of the museum she was happy to let us out and we boarded the bus to be taken back to the ship.  A warm shower before dinner was on the agenda.  We were wet and cold. Lucky we had the balcony so we could put our coats and shoes to dry.








30 thoughts on “Our vist to Lamego – Portugal

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  2. Such an informative post! Love all the ornateness of the architecture. With regards to souvenirs it is so hard to know where to get the best deal. My thinking is I don’t want to miss out so I purchase as I see what I want! Sharing on my SM. #MLSTL

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  3. A shame about the rain, but lovely that it gave you the opportunity to see that museum. The tapestry was especially beautiful.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  4. I haven’t been to Portugal and hadn’t heard of Lamego so learnt something already today! Lovely photo’s – thank you for sharing your trip! 🙂

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  5. Portugal is definitely a place that I want to visit in future. It has so much culture and beautiful buildings. Thank you for sharing the visit, I’m glad you took a lot of photos. Lovely post as always dear. xx


  6. 600 steps? That’d be a no thanks from me, too! Interesting that going up the stairs is done as penance, but that’s awful to do it on bare feet or knees until the point of utter exhaustion and pain and bleeding. The museum looks fascinating, and a great way to learn about the history. Wonderful photos!
    Caz xx

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  7. Well, it goes to show that some people’s bad weather, is just a different kind of itinerary for another! I mean, those stairs wouldn’t have looked half so mysterious without the fog, I’m sure!

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  8. We visited the Bom Jesus in Braga, Portual. I had no idea there was another cathedral so similar in construction. My husband and I climbed the steps down, but we took a fanicular up to the church. Portugal is beautiful, even in the rain.

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  9. Pity about the fog and resulting lack of view, but it sure made for some spectacular photos! And lol about that security guard. Guess she REALLY wanted you to get your cultural and historical money’s worth. 🙂

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